McGill Method Certified Practitioners

Find a McGill Method Certified Practitioner

A McGill Method Certified Practitioner has training in assisting clients in reducing the risk of disabling low back pain and injury, optimizing their health outcomes and enhancing their performance. The McGill Method Certified Practitioner has studied how to use information obtained from history taking and movement assessment to better match corrective/therapeutic and performance enhancement exercise. They will also have been exposed to nuances of technique to reduce a client’s pain.

McGill Method Certified Practitioners are not qualified to address people with substantial back pain mechanisms or pathologies. Such people are directed to the McGill Method Master Clinician.

This is the only certification recognized by Backfitpro Inc. and required before pursuing elite clinical standards to become a McGill Method Master Clinician.

Legal Notice:

Backfitpro Inc. assesses the competency of the McGill Method Certified Practitioner with McGill’s original material. Backfitpro Inc. is not responsible for the McGill Method Certified Practitioner’s decisions and actions with individual clients/patients.

Practitioners indicated with a * are also one of our McGill Method Master Clinicians, and have earned the highest designation of competency in applying the McGill Method to people with back pain.

Mara Estevez

Physical Therapist

  • Date Certified: 2017/01/01
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina

Carolina Guolo

Physical Therapist

  • Date Certified: 2017/01/01
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina

Rodrigo Araya

Physical Therapist

  • Date Certified: 2017/01/01
  • Rosario, Argentina

* Jo Venter

Exercise Physiologist

  • Date Certified: 2018/12/31
  • Sydney, Australia

Nik Dukovac


  • Date Certified: 2020/09/20
  • Adelaide, Australia

Lisa Brown

Personal Trainer

  • Date Certified: 2020/12/16
  • Sydney, Australia

Nicholas Adkins

Accredited Exercise Physiologist

  • Date Certified: 2021/04/18
  • Melbourne, Australia

Brian Ellicott

Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • Date Certified: 2022/10/14
  • Brisbane, Australia

Kerri-Ann Swartz

Physical Therapist

  • Date Certified: 2019/03/19
  • Chilliwack, BC Canada

Jay Kiss

Strength Coach

  • Date Certified: 2019/08/30
  • Montreal, QC Canada

Nicola Folino

Personal Trainer

  • Date Certified: 2018/06/28
  • Oakville, ON Canada

Yves Charette

Registered Massage Therapist, Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

  • Date Certified: 2020/12/05
  • Sudbury, ON Canada

Scott Habermehl

Personal Trainer

  • Date Certified: 2019/01/21
  • Kitchener, ON Canada

Eric Wood-Salomon

Physical Therapist

  • Date Certified: 2019/02/10
  • Cambridge, ON Canada

James Noordam

Registered Massage Therapist

  • Date Certified: 2019/07/17
  • Waterdown, ON Canada

Sarah McGill

Personal Trainer

  • Date Certified: 2021/01/03
  • Victoria, BC Canada

Remi Sovran

Strength & Conditioning Coach, Personal Trainer

  • Date Certified: 2022/03/30
  • Windsor, ON Canada

Girish Padmanabhan


  • Date Certified: 2021/02/05
  • Edmonton, AB Canada

Pierre-Olivier Bédard


  • Date Certified: 2022/06/14
  • Montréal area (Longueuil), QC Canada

Jared Wilbrink


  • Date Certified: 2022/07/25
  • Flamborough/Hamilton, ON Canada

Paul Bielak

Personal Trainer

  • Date Certified: 2017/01/01
  • Prague, Czech Republic

Andy Marlow

Personal Trainer

  • Date Certified: 2019/09/03
  • Toulouse, France

Ramy Salman

Physiotherapist, Osteopath, Trainer

  • Date Certified: 2019/11/30
  • Southern France, France

Shaun Smith


  • Date Certified: 2021/01/18
  • Noord-Brabant, Holland

Menachem Brodie

Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Cycling Coach, Triathlon Coach

  • Date Certified: 2021/02/10
  • Tel Aviv, Israel

Joseph Camisa

Physical Therapist, Strength & Conditioning Coach

  • Date Certified: 2019/01/21
  • New Jersey, USA

Raymond Cooley


  • Date Certified: 2019/10/29
  • Buffalo, NY USA

Michael Sweeney

Personal Trainer

  • Date Certified: 2019/02/09
  • New York City, NY USA

* Marc Luko

Physical Therapist, Personal Trainer

  • Date Certified: 2019/04/15
  • Washington, DC USA

Brian Carroll

Personal Trainer

  • Date Certified: 2019/05/15
  • Jacksonville, FL USA

Ammie Chapman


  • Date Certified: 2019/06/11
  • Montana USA

Samuel Brown

Strength & Conditioning Coach

  • Date Certified: 2020/02/23
  • Rhode Island USA

Joe Ferguson


  • Date Certified: 2019/10/29
  • San Francisco USA

Paul Teixeira

Physical Therapist

  • Date Certified: 2020/08/03
  • California, Central Coast USA

Ryan Hollien


  • Date Certified: 2021/04/20
  • Boston, MA USA

Jim Cavin

Physical Therapist and Sports Performance Coach

  • Date Certified: 2021/04/24
  • Portland, Oregon USA

Rich Woolley

Chiropractor, Athletic Trainer

  • Date Certified: 2021/06/16
  • Wasilla, Alaska USA

Michael Masucci


  • Date Certified: 2021/07/16
  • Jupiter, FL USA

Matthew Louis

Physician Assistant (PA-C)

  • Date Certified: 2021/07/19
  • Philadelphia, USA

Trevor Rigdon

Personal Trainer

  • Date Certified: 2022/05/09
  • Warren, Oregon USA

Tyler Shelton

Physical Therapy

  • Date Certified: 2022/08/26
  • Winston-Salem, North Carolina USA

Lenart Hribovšek

Kinesiologist and Physiotherapist

  • Date Certified: 2022/11/21
  • Kamnik, Slovenia

Florian Senn


  • Date Certified: 2021/08/15
  • St.Gallen, Switzerland German Speaking Countries (CH/D/A)