Testimonials for Nicola Folino ~ McGill Method Certified Practitioner

“Nicola is incredibly knowledgeable about spinal health and the McGill Method. She is dedicated, cheerful and completely reliable. She pays attention to every detail when coaching on how to move in ways that help you become pain free, and paces your program based on your individual needs. I have some challenging limitations and she’s been extremely careful to ensure I don’t exceed my capacity. She’s been patient, never losing faith in my ability to achieve the goal of recovery. Her faith and optimism have really kept me strong.
Before all of this happened, being active was a huge part of who I was. I went to the gym 5 days a week, and often spent my weekends hiking and biking. Learning to accept and live within the changes to my physical capacity has been a long and difficult transition for me. The most valuable skill Nicola has demonstrated to me is the emotional encouragement and mentoring as I’ve gone through one of the most devastating losses of my life, the loss of my mobility and physical abilities.
Before I started working with Nicola I was feeling a terrible sense of hopelessness and despair. From day one, she has encouraged me every step of the way, and was able to keep me going through some really dark days. She has used her fantastic coaching skills to help me change my attitude from a person with disabilities, to a person with new abilities.
Learning how to perform spinal hygiene 24/7 is a whole new way of living. I stand to work, watch TV, and read. And I take 8 short walks every day, starting at 6 am. I am now back to work half days, and am able to perform a much larger range of activities around the house. I am pain free quite a bit of the time, and am now working with Nicola on increasing my endurance.
Nicola is a huge credit to the McGill program. In my experience, we only meet people of her caliber a handful of times in our lifetime if we’re lucky. I honestly can’t imagine where I’d be in my life right now if I hadn’t found her. The no way I can ever express my gratitude to her adequately.
If you are suffering with constant back pain, and the medical system has taken you as far as it can which may be the path of “pain management”, then you are in the right place putting your trust in the McGill Program and Nicola. I will say however, that you will need to demonstrate 24/7 commitment to the program and be prepared to work very hard at it if you want to achieve a pain free life. But if you are willing to do that, participating in this program under the oversight of Nicola will give you a life where you no longer have to live under the shadow of constant, debilitating pain.”

Heather Cashin
Ridgeway, ON


“I am receiving excellent care from Nicola Folino in Oakville, Ontario. She received her McGill Method Certification and is carrying out the practical task of seeing back-pained individuals on a long term basis. There is a real need for this! It took me a long time to find someone to help me with Dr. McGill’s exercises. Many physiotherapists, chiropractors and trainers are enthusiastic about the big three but don’t know much more than I do about them. At least I’ve read Back Mechanic! But us back-pain sufferers need on-going instruction, not just a one-time three hour session. I understand the providers are meant to assess desperate patients, but there is a big need for people like Nicola who is carefully trained in the McGill exercises and background science and who see a patient sees several times to ensure their program is done correctly, etc.
Thank goodness I found Nicola.  Her passion for spine health, her excellent ability to convey information to her client, her deep knowledge of back mechanics and how the big three exercises should be done, and her highly informed ability to modify movements to suit individual needs, make Nicola an outstanding practitioner. It is unfortunate that there aren’t more people trained like Nichola. That being said, I can’t imagine anyone being as excellent, as informed and as passionate a trainer as Nicola so I’m glad I have found her.”