Testimonials for Andy Marlow ~ McGill Method Certified Practitioner

“For the first time in almost 7 years I am back pain free and feel confident that I am doing the “right” workout. Andy has tremendous knowledge about the human body and especially the spine. I always thought I could do it myself but working with Andy showed me all the subtle mistakes I did that caused my disc buldge to flair up again and again. Thank you Andy for helping me out with this!”

– Kai Christen


“My back has been pain free!

It’s been great. Keeping up with regular walks at least twice per day and occasional workouts and really sticking to back hygiene, it’s ingrained now.

Thanks for your help through this journey, it really helped to have someone who understood the problem – something that other physios I worked with lacked.

It certainly gave me confidence in knowing what movements and exercises are good/not good for me.”

– Bettina Neill


“I had been suffering from a sciatica for the past two years and despite seeing osteopaths and trying all sorts of pain killers and exercises, I never managed to get rid of it permanently. I got used to living with it, never feeling comfortable, waking up at night etc.

It had become so normal that I hadn’t even mentioned it during my intial consultation with Andy. However, during our first session he immediately noticed something was up. When he realised I had a chronic sciatica he changed my program to focus on that specific problem.

I still thank him every time we meet because not only did my sciatica disappear, but two years down the track, it has NEVER come back – even during pregnancy and after having a baby! So I would more than wholeheartedly recommend Andy for any health and fitness goal you are wanting to achieve.”

– Vanessa Campbell


“After herniating a disc back in 2014 I tried many solutions: physios, acupuncture, other specialists, but nothing helped… Then I started working with Andy about 18 months ago… I’ve been pain-free now for more than a year… Training with Andy is the best investment I’ve made in my health… I would definitely recommend working with him.”

– Manjeet Singh


“I’m very happy with the training that I do with Andy… I’m now totally pain-free.”

— Christian Steudtner


“I cannot recommend Andy highly enough! Despite being only 24, I suffered from poor posture throughout my adolescence and young adulthood. This, combined with hours spent working on a computer and incorrect form in the gym, led to a severe herniated disc injury. I felt utterly hopeless about being able to sit and work, let alone return to resistance training. After consulting a doctor, undergoing X-rays, MRIs, and attending several costly physical therapy sessions that provided no significant relief, I decided to turn to Andy, the Back Coach.

Andy’s expertise in the human body, along with his extensive knowledge and tailored approach, proved invaluable in helping me make a full recovery. He not only guided me back to my normal life but also helped me safely resume my resistance training routine. Andy’s unwavering support throughout my journey has been truly priceless. If you’re struggling with back pain, don’t hesitate to reach out to Andy – he genuinely is a miracle worker! Since my recovery, I have confidently referred many friends dealing with debilitating back pain to Andy.”

– Bilel Rais


“How lucky to have met Andy! For several years I had been suffering from back pain in the lumbar region. I had persistent lower back pain despite physiotherapy and regular physical activity, and everything got worse after my pregnancy. I was starting to get desperate! Andy’s Low Back Pain Rehab program saved me! I learned to relieve my pain, to perform the right movements on a daily basis, to restabilize my back and to build my muscles properly. I appreciated the professional follow-up, the presence and the involvement of Andy, all by video, simple and effective! Thank you!!! I recommend 100%!”

– Rosine Hubert


“I have been training with Andy and his team for 6 years. Andy is an empathetic and supportive trainer who has created programs to meet my evolving goals. I have gained strength and confidence through kettlebell training, soundly defeated persistent back pain through targeted exercises, and have set and met many, many fitness goals. I would recommend Andy to anyone looking to positively focus on their physical and mental health and well-being.”

– Molly Ingersoll