Testimonials for Cara Wurst ~ McGill Method Certified Practitioner

“I don’t know what I’d do without Cara. I thought my life was over when chronic pain entered. With significant arthritis in my neck and lower back along with scoliosis, I thought I was doomed to opioids, steroid epidural injections, and eventually surgery. That didn’t faze Cara though. She agreed we had a lot of balls in the air to tend to, but she always believed we could get to a place of living without pain. The process she prescribes works! It’s no magic bullet. If you want the desired results, you have to devote the time and effort it takes. There are no shortcuts. Cara’s continual support combined with her wealth of knowledge was invaluable while I was in the thick of it. I’m only 6 months into it and still learning my pain triggers but I can say most days are now pain-free as my neck and back are getting stronger and tolerating more. Finding Cara was without a doubt an answered prayer. She showed me there was a way out of the chronic pain without drugs or surgery and has allowed me to start enjoying life again.”

-Ingrid Batt