Testimonials for Eric Wood-Salomon ~ McGill Method Certified Practitioner

“In 2017 I suffered a severe low back injury at work as a firefighter.  I initially dealt with therapists who prescribed exercises which aggrivated my pain and I realized that their approach was not helping me.
My wife found Eric and booked me an appointment.  Right from the start Eric took a much better approach in understanding my history and specific pain triggers.  At first the only “therapy” that he had me do was lie down.  He was able to find a pain free position for me which was a welcome relief.
The lying down turned into walking and the McGill big 3.  Which then progressed to more and more functional movements and lifting.
Eric was great at slowly progressing my program and also walking it back if it was triggering any symptoms.
Eric was excellent in coaching, teaching, and motivating me through one of the worst times of my life.
I now use the principles and techniques that Eric taught me to manage my back daily.  I have since returned to work and am mostly pain free except when I deviate from the path.
I refer anybody that I know with back pain to Eric.”