Testimonials for Pierre-Olivier Bédard ~ McGill Method Certified Practitioner

“I have a herniated L3-L4 disc that affects the nerve root. Between 2020-2022 I lived with chronic low back pain on and off. In April 2022, I hit a wall. Passive therapies were no longer enough. I was looking for a kinesiologist who would eventually help me get back into shape and who could join my team of therapists. I came across Pierre-Olivier by chance while writing the keywords: rehabilitation, lower back, Montreal in Google. I had never heard of him, he answered me super quickly and I decided to trust and try my luck having nothing to lose and having tried many other types of treatment which had given no long-term result. Pierre-Olivier literally got me out of this cycle of pain and chronic low back pain. In the space of a few months, I went from being unable to lead an active life, in constant pain and constant nerve irritation to someone who leads a similar active life as before and has tools to manage my pain and my daily symptoms. Pierre-Olivier started by making an exhaustive and meticulous evaluation, he took the time to teach me and explain my condition, my symptoms, the causes. Then, he gave me tools to manage my condition and how to change my postural hygiene in order to limit the risk of injury and irritation. I left with an exercise program to do and we updated that program as my situation improved! Thanks to him, I feel equipped and I have confidence. Of course, the results will come from you, you will have to take charge of your journey and be very disciplined, but if you follow what Pierre-Olivier suggests to you, you will get by. Thank you Pierre-Olivier, you had a major impact in my life!”

– Cath 38 years old


“After being unsuccessfully treated by physiotherapy and osteopathy for a sciatic nerve problem which was caused, among other things, by severe spinal stenosis, a neighbor told me about a kinesiologist, Pierre-Olivier Bédard, who had treated with success several people for back pain. Since I had to wait at least a year before being treated in neurosurgery, I decided to consult Pierre-Olivier, having nothing to lose during the wait. After the first assessment session, he immediately identified some strengthening exercises that gradually lessened the pain. Over time, Pierre-Olivier was very meticulous in analyzing my situation in order to identify other targeted exercises. With discipline and regularity in performing the exercises, I managed to eliminate the problem. In prevention, Pierre-Olivier also suggested exercises specifically adapted to the sports I want to practice, considering my condition. I strongly recommend that you do not wait before consulting him for your back pain. But tell yourself that it is up to you to make the effort to heal yourself. Finally, I no longer need to be treated in neurosurgery. Thank you Pierre-Olivier!”

– Gilles 69 years old


“I highly recommend Pierre-Olivier as a kinesiologist. For several months, I suffered from lower back pain and shoulder discomfort. I consulted several specialists before meeting P-O (physio, ergo, massage therapist, physiotherapist, acupuncture, etc.) Thanks to his expertise and caring approach, my pain has decreased considerably. P-O is very methodical in his assessments, which allows him to clearly identify the problem. He is able to identify the muscular weaknesses that cause the pain in order to produce a personalized training program for me. Thank you P-O for supporting me in my goals! :)”

– Shani 26 years old