McGill Method Summit

The McGill Method summit course: a hybrid online/in-person experience.

Format: 48 hours of on-line learning (with Prof. McGill) with 3 days of live, hands on skills training (with McGill, Joel Proskewitz, and Dr Ed Cambridge). In-person dates: April 12, 13, 14, 2024. This summit is an intimate and exclusive opportunity limited to only 18 delegates.

Objective: to provide you with skills to become as effective as possible in changing the lives of low back pained clients who have not been successful with traditional approaches. The course breadth begins with client intake and spans to full process to discharge.

Who is this for?: Any clinician seeing back pained clients. This material will add more tools and mastery to your current skills.

The process:

  • Develop a framework to guide effective practice with any back pained client. The framework uses an assessment of every person beginning with pattern recognition skills to interpret the client’s story. Patterns emerge influencing the assessment. The “living assessment” based in “differential diagnosis” enables an efficient flow of tests to sub-classify the pain pathway. This recognizes the uniqueness of the individual in every aspect of their mechanical, neurological, psychosocial and historical injury makeup. Pain sensitivities are skillfully probed and refined for specific activities and trigger levels.
  • Enhance skills using clinical techniques to wind down specific pain. The approach to identify variables that will assist a specific client is then coupled with the science of programming to stimulate the needed adaptations.
  • Enhance coaching skills to reduce symptoms, and build pain-free resilience.
  • Restore athletic robustness in a variety of athletes by defining the sport specific demands, the current capabilities of the client, and then creating the best program elevate the client to play status.
  • Experience the entire process from client intake to empowering the client to successfully reduce and manage their pain and regain their lives. In the live, in-person skills development sessions, you will work through case studies refining your skills.

This course is much more than biomechanics. The mental burden of pain is addressed throughout as clients realize their newfound skills are effective and empowering. They take control.

Client outcome: The clients we see are challenging. They have failed the usual system and have 0% chance for success. However, this approach and skillset will restore a percentage of clients depending on their sub-grouping. For example, the most challenging ones, those with compression and flexion load intolerance report about a 35% success rate in being happy with the outcome. In contrast, those with flexion and extension motion triggers report an 80% success rate. With those classified as “being told they have tried everything, and your last hope is surgery“, 95% report avoiding surgery following this framework and being happy that they did. Of all patients who were classified as “failed” on intake, 58% report “substantial improvement” with this framework and approach. Of course your success rate will be much higher for more “typical” clients. Become the “go to” clinician to assist these challenged people.

Benefits of certification: once certified, you will receive client referrals from the Backfitpro website.

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All 3 McGill Method courses online and 3 days of in-person skills development. Note: If you would like to pay for the full summit in instalments, please email

Next Summit Location: Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada
April 12, 13, 14.

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Summit course offerings include:

McGill Method Level 1 – Foundation for the Pain Free Back. This is an overview of spine function, pathways to pain, rehabilitation to wind down pain and re-tune the body for pain-free activity.

McGill Method Level 2 – Assessment: Converging on a Precise Diagnosis. Enhance your skills to assess those with back pain to reach a precise understanding of the pain mechanisms to guide precision strategies to desensitize pain and build a foundation for pain free activity.

McGill Method Level 3 – High Performance Training: Progressing Backs from Pain to Performance. Skills are developed to document demands of the sport/activity, the athletes current ability to meet the demands, and then build a specific program to enhance performance and resilience. While many elite world-class performers form examples, understanding human potential assists with enhancement of non-athletes as well.

Advantages of the summit:

  1. Learn directly from Professor Stuart McGill in the online lectures and from McGill, Dr. Ed Cambridge and Joel Proskewitz during the hands-on live skills training sessions.
  2. Self-pace learning – the courses are very content dense. You are able to review as much as you wish throughout the year you have access to the online material. (Expiry date is exactly one year from time of purchase)
  3. Access to each lecture slide (highly requested by previous course attendees).
  4. Learn and practice the hands-on skills in-person.
  5. Concept integration through patient case studies, presented each day of in-person learning.
  6. Ask questions during the daily Q&A period.
  7. Join our McGill Method clinical team. Challenge the McGill Method Certification Exam after completing the full summit and requirements. If successful, you will receive referrals from our website and team.

McGill Method Summit – What the delegates have to say.

“I attended McGill Method Summit in Eindhoven in the Netherlands in October 2022, it was a great experience, where I learned a lot of new practical information and skills, that I am now using with my back pain patients. The whole process is about understanding the precise mechanism of the individual’s pain and building the right program for the right person. I have been following Dr. McGill’s work for the past 6 years and I must say that I gathered a lot of new knowledge from an in-person seminar, so I highly recommend it to all clinicians and trainers that want to increase their efficacy when dealing with lumbar spine issues. The whole Backfitpro team was amazing and really did their best, so we understood all the details regarding their work.”

– Lenart Hribovsek, now McGill Method Certified

“As a personal trainer, I have lots of clients come to me wanting to resolve lower back pain and learn how to train pain-free. I took the McGill Method summit for this reason. I’ve walked away so much more confident in my understanding of lower back pain. I feel equipped with the knowledge and skills to help my clients better and I know it’s going to take my career to the next level.”

– Jack Hanrahan 

“To call the experience eye-opening, insightful, and life-changing would be an understatement. As a back pain patient myself, I felt an enormous feeling of safety (most patients have fear due to the unknown reason why they are in pain) and was empowered by understanding the real cause of my injury mechanism. As an academic scientist, I felt inspired and amazed by the precision and rigor of the methodology of the McGill lab over the years of producing research and asking the right questions about the real cause of back pain. And finally, as a coach in training, I felt very reassured and motivated that the McGill Method has given me an overarching thought process and approach for my future clients.”

– Katarina Miteva