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Back pain always has a cause.

Welcome to our evidence based approach to address back pain.

We specialize in helping people who remain in pain after having tried other therapeutic approaches. They did not receive the advice they needed to remove the barriers to recovery. They stay in pain unnecessarily. Some receive pain-numbing medication that does not stop the cause of pain. Some are told that they must learn to live with the pain, rather than being shown why they have pain together with a roadmap of the steps to reduce it. They have not seen a back pain expert!

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The key to success is to understand the pain mechanism, and address the mechanism. People have failed previous approaches for a variety of reasons: They were given inappropriate exercises, or there were barriers to relief that were not understood and addressed. Success begins with a thorough assessment. A 10 minute assessment from your clinician has little chance to understand why you have pain. Believe it or not many people are able to conduct a better self-assessment with appropriate guidance. McGill’s book Back Mechanic has assisted thousands accomplish this. This approach will assist in about 95% of sufferers. The rest will need an assessment conducted by a skilled clinician, familiar with McGill’s approach. This approach is sensitive to anatomy, biomechanics, injury history, psychology and social mileau, neurology, patient learning style, to name a few.

Here is the common path to success.

  1. First read Back Mechanic. Those who are visual learners will benefit from the video-enhanced version of Back Mechanic. Most people do well following the self assessment of pain triggers, reducing the triggers, and building the foundation for pain-free activity. Ninety-five percent of patients told that surgery is their last remaining option are able to successfully avoid surgery following this approach.
  2. Those seeking more athleticism will want to continue the process. As pain sensitivity is wound-down and managed, move on to the book Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance. This approach has helped weekend warriors through to elite athletes to compete in golf, the majority of Olympic sports, professional sport such as hockey, football, MMA and combat sports, baseball, soccer, cycling, and professional body building and power lifting.
  3. Some of you may feel the need to see a McGill Method Master Clinician, who is familiar with the McGill method and will conduct a thorough assessment to converge on a precise understanding of the pain mechanism. These elite clinicians are listed on the website.

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Looking for a clinician?

What is the difference between a McGill Method Master Clinician and a McGill Method Certified Practitioner?

A McGill Method Master Clinician has the highest designation and clinical competence. They have attended the McGill clinical courses and passed an exam that has both written and practical component to assess competency in creating the best advice and coaching for the patient. They have spent extra time with Professor McGill, have earned his confidence, and are referred patients from him and Backfitpro.

McGill Method Certified Practitioners: Those attaining certification in the McGill Method have also attended the clinical training courses and passed an exam to demonstrate competency in exercise technique and basic assessment skills. They have not been audited for their ability to get back pained people better.

Disclaimer: Backfitpro Inc. assesses the familiarity and competency of the McGill Method Master Clinician with McGill’s original material. Backfitpro Inc. is not responsible for the decisions and actions with individual clients/patients.