Testimonials for Joseph Camisa ~ McGill Method Certified Practitioner

“Joe is extremely good and really cares about his patients. He spends his time with each to really understand what is wrong and provide you with immediate relief alongside the tools that YOU need to do to long term fixes. I can only describe him as a healer. I have been to countless PT’s without significant relief. I have been to many orthopedists who overlooked or dismissed symptoms that Joe diagnosed and then validated with proper imaging. He really is a rare find and a fantastic caregiver. Ten stars!!!”


“After giving me a thorough evaluation, Joe explained that he had extensive training with Dr. McGill. He suggested I get his book the Back Mechanic. I read it and watched the videos. Together with Joe’s physical therapy sessions and the McGill method training routine he prescribed my back pain is gone.

This has changed my life. Now I take long walks and do my McGill method back exercises everyday. When I get lazy and miss a few days the pain returns. It’s a way of life for me now.

I’m 68 years old and I’m doing things I never thought I could ever do again. Things like mowing the lawn, sitting for two hours in theater seats or even longer on an airplane.

I never thought it would be possible to have inoperable spinal stenosis and be pain free. Now I am and I attribute all of this to the knowledge, expertise and care given to me by Dr. Camisa.”


“Dr. Joe Camisa has been a game changer for me. Ive been having back pain for the past 7 years, seeing multiple physical therapists, massage therapists, even Pilates instructors, and none have made me feel better.
This has all changed since going to Dr. Camisa. First off, Dr. Camisa is the most knowledgeable physical therapist I have ever gone to. Most importantly, Dr. Camisa gives me the comfort and security that I will get through this back injury that have been plaguing me for all these years.
He gives me hope that I will get better, that this back injury will finally stop plaguing me.
For anyone even thinking of seeing a physical therapist, you will be doing yourself a disservice if you do not go to Dr. Camisa.
Thank you,
Jared Apper, New Jersey”