Back Mechanic: The step-by-step McGill Method to fix back pain

Fix your back pain with Back Mechanic

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Back Mechanic Book

$34.95 CDN

All back pain has a cause – your challenge is to identify your specific cause and address it. The modern medical system, with 15 minute appointments does not provide the opportunity for a back pained sufferer to obtain a thorough and precise diagnosis of their pain mechanism. They are left without a guide of what to do to fix their back pain.

Back Mechanic guides you through a self-assessment of your pain triggers, then shows you how to avoid these roadblocks to recovery. Whether you’re struggling with a disc bulge, stenosis, spondylolisthesis, muscle strain, or even leg pain associated with a herniated disc, you will be able to wind down your discomfort and match your unique symptoms with the approach that is right for you. Then effective exercises are coached in a step by step progressive guide. Many questions are answered that have eluded answers in the past. Spine expert, Prof. McGill used his 30 years of research findings and clinical investigations to create this evidence-based guide that has helped thousands reclaim their lives. This knowledge is now available to you in this richly illustrated book. You will become your own best Back Mechanic and advocate.

Back Mechanic Book + Video Modules

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This enhanced package provides the physical Back Mechanic book (shipped to your address) plus the video access code (1 year access to streamed videos) demonstrating the concepts, the assessments, the movements and the exercises contained in Back Mechanic. Some readers of Back Mechanic have asked for videos to bring the book to life. Over 100 minutes are provided to guide you on eliminating the disability of your back pain.

When you receive your Back Mechanic Book in the mail, there will be an instruction sheet and ACCESS CODE inside that you will need for the Back Mechanic Video Series.

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Back Mechanic Table of Contents

Introduction and overview
The way to a pain-free and robust back

Section 1: “Why me?” Understanding your pain

    • 1. Myth-busting
    • 2. Back to basics: Getting to know your back and causes of pain
    • 3. Is surgery for you?: The essential list
    • 4. The Code: Rules and guidelines for back health

Section 2: Self assessment: Finding the cause of your back pain

    • 5. Use the McGill approach to find your pain trigger
    • 6. Your self-assessment

Section 3: The repair job: Using the right tools to make activity pain-free

    • 7. Removing the cause of pain: Learning basic movement tools
    • 8. Spine hygiene: moving without pain
    • 9. Building a resilient back: The non-negotiable “Big 3” exercises
    • 10. The walking program: Nature’s back balm
    • 11. The core program
    • 12. Restoring the hips

Section 4: Tuning the machine for best performance

    • 13. Next level training: Regaining your active lifestyle
    • 14. Special exercises for sciatica, kyphosis, scoliosis, stenosis, the overweight and others
    • 15. Solutions that solve back pain: Case studies and sample programs
    • 16. Q and A with the Professor: Sex, selecting a mattress, and other things you were afraid to ask
    • 17. Conclusion

Appendix: Exercise Logs

  • 18. Pain and activity ability
  • 19. Exercise log

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Testimonials for Back Mechanic

“I had low back problems affecting my ability to work and enjoy life. Then I found Stuart McGill and his book Back Mechanic. I was guided on things to do (and not do) and my pain is gone. Professor McGill just makes sense. And he backs it up with science not guess work. I’m giving him and his book Back Mechanic the highest recommendation.” ~ Ed O’Neill