Testimonials for Samuel Brown Mcgill Method Certified Practitioner

“I am happy to report that as of this last visit the surgeon conceded that I have indeed completely avoided surgery. He no longer thinks surgery is the answer for me and told me to “keep doing what you are doing.” Despite this being a workers compensation situation he said to me that he did not want to see me again for a year and to stay on light duty unless my pain returned and I was thinking about surgery again. He is confident that by that time I should be completely healed and made a full recovery.

There were times, and I may have some times ahead of me, that I would get extremely frustrated. Thankfully, I am not in tons of pain but I am still not 100% myself and it gets to you. It is good to have someone that is positive and tells you what you need to hear in those tough moments. Sam has been so helpful and I would not have be at this point without his help. I will admit that I am pretty self-motivated. Sam gave me all the direction I needed and let me run with it. When things weren’t working or I was having problems Sam would be there to pick me up and set me back on course. Thank you again for referring me to him and for all the hard work you all do at Backfitpro.”


“Thanks you so much for referring me to Sam Brown. It was worth the wait. I just had my assessment with him a few hours ago. It went so well. Finally somebody who spent the time with me and physically showed what to do and not do. I have so much more hope now that I will be pain free again. I just wanted to give my take on Sam. He was great. He was really patient and thorough. He really knew what he was talking about. I have read through the Back Mechanic twice and he was on point with everything. He was exactly what I needed. Even though the book is as simple as it can be sometimes you need to have it shown to you in person for it to make the most impact. I will be working again with him in the future as I progress. He even let me borrow his extra lumbar support so I could try it out before I bought it. Who does that kind of thing nowadays. Well anyways thank you again for all that you do in helping people get better and please tell Sam when you talk to him that he did great.”

Kind Regards,
Joshua Rogers
Warwick, RI