Clinicians and Practitioners

Certification vs Master Clinician
What is the difference?

McGill Method Certified Practitioner

Having certification indicates holders have attended education sessions but have not been tested on clinical competency with patients.

“McGill Method Certified Practitioners” have attended McGills clinical courses and passed a knowledge competency test. They have not been assessed by professor McGill in their ability to create successful patients. Certified people are not intended to address people with substantial back pain mechanisms. Such people are directed to the McGill Method Master Clinicians.

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McGill Method Master Clinician

A McGill Method Master Clinician is an elite clinician who has demonstrated clinical competency with patients.

Becoming a “McGill Method Master Clinician” requires candidates to first become McGill Method Certified. They must also possess a clinical degree, pass the Master Clinician exam having both written and live patient components. McGill Method Master Clinicians will be actively referred patients from Professor McGill and passively referred patients from the Backfitpro website and other sources.