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About Professor Stuart McGill

Dr. Stuart M. McGill is a “distinguished professor emeritus”, University of Waterloo, where he was a professor for 30 years. His laboratory and experimental research clinic investigated issues related to the causal mechanisms of back pain, how to rehabilitate back-pained people and enhance both injury resilience and performance. His advice is often sought by governments, corporations, legal experts, medical groups and elite athletes and teams from around the world.

His work produced over 245 peer-reviewed scientific journal papers, several textbooks, and many international awards including the “Order of Canada” in 2020 for leadership in the back pain area. He mentored over 37 graduate students during this scientific journey.

During this time he taught thousands of clinicians and practitioners in professional development and continuing education courses around the world.

He continues as the Chief Scientific Officer for Backfitpro Inc. Difficult back cases, and elite performers, are regularly referred to him for consultation. Any product associated with this website has been tested in Dr. McGill’s laboratory.

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What People Say

Layne Norton ~ Gold medalist International Powerlifting Federation, 2022

Layne Norton“When I met with Dr. McGill after suffering a debilitating lower back injury (multiple herniated and bulge discs) I had gone from a two time national champ and silver medalist at IPF worlds to someone who could barely do anything without pain. I was worried that I’d have to retire from powerlifting entirely. Dr. McGill assured me that there was a path back to being pain free. He gave me an assessment and came up with an initial plan to build back my resilience. It was a very long road and there were numerous setbacks, but 7 years later I returned to IPF Worlds as a Masters lifter to win the overall gold medal, accomplishing a life long dream that I previously thought had escaped me.”

Lee Brandon ~ 3 Time World Long Drive Champion

Lee BrandonAs a Master Athlete competing internationally in the Sport of Long Drive Golf, my spine had to be managed strategically over the years.

I’ve invested a lifetime in research on Spine Performance, Longevity and Recovery.  I’ve read every book, and been honored to not only teach these researched strategies, but LIVE them as an Internationally ranked athlete in my 60’s.

Dr. McGill and the McGill Method is one of my greatest secrets!  It simply works!

GOLF WEEK Magazine named Lee “the Legend of sport of Women’s Long Drive”

Jeff Overton ~ PGA Golf Professional

‘It was a fight’: After battling life-threatening infection, Jeff Overton returns to Tour 5 years later Golf.com

After being on the PGA Tour from 2005 to 2017, I had a spine injection intended to help a herniated disc but instead led to a life-threatening infection and emergency surgery. After one failed rehab attempt I reached out to Dr. Stuart McGill, a renowned professor of spine biomechanics, and developed a plan to “shut down golf training for a year” and stabilize the area of his back that caused excruciating pain while bending over. Then I worked with trainer Shane Rye on building golf flexibility and endurance to re-establish my golf game.

Jeff played his first PGA Tour start this past week (July 2022)

Adam Oates – NHL Hockey Player

After 19 seasons in the NHL my body and back benefitted from Back Mechanic and Prof McGill’s approaches. I am back to enjoying life.

Adam Oates, 1,079 career assists, over 19 seasons are the 8th most by a player in NHL history.

Derrick Johnson – President and Founder of The Kings of Weightlifting, Weightlifting Champion, American Record Holder

Derrick Johnson

I have been competing in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting for over twenty four years, I had three knee surgeries, multiple back injuries, and took a cocktail of pills for a decade starting in high school in order to compete. Almost ten years ago I learned of BackFitPro and changed the way I operated, eliminated all the pills, eliminated sit-ups and crunches and began rehabilitating myself with a focus on the core and glutes. These changes have resulted in winning championships, representing Team USA and currently having multiple American records in my mid 30s.

Trav from Fightsmart.com

The book Back Mechanic completely altered the course of my athletic career, and inherently my life.

Mondays are Jiu Jitsu days. Usually, on Monday nights, I would experience crippling post Jiu Jitsu back pain, and often have an incredibly difficult time sleeping. This pain would persist through Wednesday, which is another Jiu Jitsu day, thus leading to Thursday being even more horribly unbearable than Tuesday was.

If I needed to do yard work on Saturday, I’d have shooting nerve pain down my leg on Sunday… which is another Jiu Jitsu day, that I would never be healthy enough to attend.

The pain is gone. I have reclaimed my training. I’m doing crazier stuff now in BJJ than I’ve ever done.