Testimonials for Brian Carroll ~ McGill Method Certified Practitioner

“I started lifting when I was 15 Years old and was immediately addicted. I went to college for Strength and Conditioning and trained 5+ times a week throughout school. Just before graduating my numbers began crashing as I was preparing for a competition. A few images later showed that I had broken my back in a few spots and had bulging discs. I was told to quit lifting altogether. That was five years ago, and since then, I’ve never managed more than roughly a month consecutively in the gym without tremendous back pain crippling me. Since graduating, I switched gears and began running a farm. Many months I’ve struggled to do my work each day. I tried the ‘normal’ solutions, physical therapy, stretching, TENS therapy, and even finally, lying in bed, struggling also to roll out.

I knew there had to be a better way. Having read Brian’s experience, and knowing others have overcome similar issues gave me some hope. He grew up where I did (in Jacksonville, FL), similarly starting lifting, and broke his back much worse than I did.

I can’t lie; I was extremely pessimistic that anything would work after failing so many times. Two weeks before meeting Brian, I managed to flare-up my back, merely laying a blanket over my newborn son. That was it, and I had to find a solution! And I DID!

Only six weeks after meeting with Brian and spending 3hrs with him going over my movement, my pain-generators, and finally building a 2 stage plan, I’ve been able to not only return to lifting pain-free but also remain 100% pain-free in my day-to-day life.” Sawyer Lee


“After competing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for many years and suffering from back pain to the point I had to quit my job as a LEO really made me think my only solution was surgery. I had been in pain for two years because of a herniated disc in my lower back and I couldn’t take it anymore; so I started looking into an alternative other than surgery. I found Dr. Stuart McGill, his approach to back pain, and all the professional athletes being treated by him that were able to heal from their injuries. I immediately purchased the book “Back Mechanic” and I was instantly intrigued by the hope this book gave me to heal myself. After reading Back Mechanic I also purchased “Ultimate Back Fitness & Performance” and “The Gift of Injury”. This was one of the best things I did. After reading “The Gift of Injury” I was really excited by learning about Brian’s injury which was way more complicated than mine, and how he was able to recover and break his own world record in power lifting. Thanks to Dr. McGill I was able to meet with Brian Carroll in Jacksonville/FL just 3 hours from my house in Tampa/FL. By that time I had visited with many clinicians and there was nothing I could compare to how Brian assessed me. Brian was very observant and knowledgable, from the moment we met online to the moment we met in person. I finally had someone who knew what they were talking about and could understand what I was going through. I could notice him assessing me from the moment I walked in until the moment I left. After reading Dr. McGill’s books I was able to learn a lot in theory about the routes I should take to alleviate my pain and heal my back injury; however having Brian show me the actual functionality of the techniques and correct we in the areas I needed attention was absolutely fundamental, and was exactly what I needed to complete the package to successfully healing my injury. He showed me what I should be doing and what I shouldn’t to allow my injury to heal. Things that are part of your daily life that go unnoticed and are crucial for a successful outcome. He showed me how to create the stiffness and strength needed to protect my back and keep it protected. I was literally unable to walk the day I saw him because of severe sciatica down my right leg. Two weeks later just by following his recommendations, I was pain free and walking again but far from being totally healed. Brian explained to me the importance of taking things slow and to progress slowly (this is fundamental). I’ve seen many professionals since I had my injury and the consultation with Brian was hands down the best and most productive one I had. Doesn’t get any better than that.” Cicero Garcia