Testimonials for Brian Carroll ~ McGill Method Certified Practitioner

“Just as the pandemic hit, a lingering back injury hit an all-time high and there was really no escaping it. I purchased “Gift of Injury” and read the entire thing cover to cover in three days. I soon connected with Brian for a consult/assessment and he immediately offered 1:1 support to dive into my specific injury and determine my pain generators. I was extremely grateful for his assessment, help, advice, and guidance during this tough time in my recovery. Despite the time differences and residing in different countries, he stayed in consistent communication with me and asked for frequent updates to ensure I was staying on the right track. At the start of our work together, we started over only walking and doing the big 3, then soon progressed to carries, then goblet squats with a 14kg kettlebell; fast forward a few months – just last weekend I was able to hit near max lifts once again, but PAIN-FREE and with proper lifting mechanics and form cues I learned from Brian while starting over. I am grateful for the learnings I’ve taken from Brian, you can tell his passion is to help others. By bringing his own experiences to his work makes him even more of a unique coach.”

Thea Lund – Olympic lifter and professional dancer


“When I came to Brian in early 2019 I was in a cycle of training/reinjury/pain. It’ was an endless cycle that I was causing, and unaware of this until Brian brought it to my attention. The power to get better really is in our hands, Brian just gave me the tools.

I have been working with him since April and recognized results quickly as we steadily returned me to the gym. I’m back to lifting!

This was done by identifying and removing the cause, building pain-free capacity, and slowly returning back to lifting. You cannot skip steps!

Can’t recommend his services enough if you want to return to pain-free training. He knows his stuff and will be straight-forward with you while being realistic and honest.”

Jesse Burdwood


Dear Brian,

“I would like to report that I am 100% pain and symptom free and back to training full board. Been using your principals from gift of injury for each and every training session. Thank you more than my words can say! You have been a godsend.”

Dear Stu,

“I reached out to Brian in 2018 for a back injury that would hurt almost everyday! Brian recommended that I read your book Back Mechanic and also read Gift of Injury. Got an assessment and we worked on spine hygiene, building my core and walking every day.I also work a laborious delivery job that requires lots of bouts of sitting, climbing and lifting each day. I would like to report as of today in 2020 that I am back to training and 100% pain and symptom free. I am so glad to have the guidance and support of Brian, because without his help I really don’t know what my back would be like today. I cannot express enough words for him!”

Sincerely, KY


“After being in pain for the last 3 years and not finding relief, Brian invited me to his gym in Florida for a 1 on 1 assessment.

I could tell Brian was monitoring the way I moved as soon as I walked in the door. He was able to point out improper, non-spine-sparing movements left and right which was causing me pain. When it came time to perform my rehab exercises, he pointed out the fact that I was doing way too many reps and sets of each rehab exercise.

As mundane as it may sound, Brian discussed with me my own pain triggers for my back and taught me proper movement methods for simple things like getting up off the floor, signing a piece of paper, tying my shoes, etc. I didn’t think these things were important to my healing until I returned home.

It’s been 4 weeks since I returned home from seeing Brian, and it has been the most pain-free I have been since I first injured my back in 2016. The fact that I am now fully committed to the spine-sparing strategies and Big 3 exercises, and the fact that I am actually pain-free, is really a testament to how effective Dr. McGill and Brian’s program actually is when you’re committed to it.

I now have the tools to get where I want to go – back to fighting. Before, I was lost in my rehab, not knowing if what I was doing was going to make my back better or worse. Brian helped me create the scientifically proven path to getting better. My goal since this whole ordeal has been to return to my Sport of fighting, and Brian has played a pivotal role in helping me get back to that goal.”

Samir Farid – Pro MMA fighter Flyweight


“My sports history is one of eclectic taste, consisting of Muay Thai, Rugby, Powerlifting and Strongman; my dance with the devil came to an abrupt halt with life-changing lumbar spine injury. Ignoring proper day to day body mechanics and form under the bar, making bad training decisions, and working through what I thought were nagging discomforts, I woke up one day with severe back pain, leg numbness. I’d heard of Brian and his work with Dr. McGill.

Seeking out and soon there-after, having an assessment with Brian to discuss my future was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It was life-changing. To many, this may sound over the top or cliché, but to those of us who have felt real injury and the isolation of back pain, we know very well that the day to day demand is like no other.

What was prescribed to me as an “athletic death sentence” transformed into a chance to come back stronger than ever in all facets of my life and athletic career; it was my “gift of injury.” I now sit in the driver’s seat of my comeback into Strongman – 2 ultimately pain and symptom-free strongman competitions now under My belt as I seek to return to the national stage. And none of these would have been possible without Brian’s thorough assessment of removing the cause of pain, increasing pain-free capacity then finally the calculated and customized transition with proper progressions and training prescriptions, along the stern Weekly conversations to keep me on track. Thank you, Brian! Because of your help, I’m making a difference in the strength scene in Miami helping others with my story!”

Michael De La Pava owner and head coach of The Battle Axe Gym


“I started lifting when I was 15 Years old and was immediately addicted. I went to college for Strength and Conditioning and trained 5+ times a week throughout school. Just before graduating my numbers began crashing as I was preparing for a competition. A few images later showed that I had broken my back in a few spots and had bulging discs. I was told to quit lifting altogether. That was five years ago, and since then, I’ve never managed more than roughly a month consecutively in the gym without tremendous back pain crippling me. Since graduating, I switched gears and began running a farm. Many months I’ve struggled to do my work each day. I tried the ‘normal’ solutions, physical therapy, stretching, TENS therapy, and even finally, lying in bed, struggling also to roll out.

I knew there had to be a better way. Having read Brian’s experience, and knowing others have overcome similar issues gave me some hope. He grew up where I did (in Jacksonville, FL), similarly starting lifting, and broke his back much worse than I did.

I can’t lie; I was extremely pessimistic that anything would work after failing so many times. Two weeks before meeting Brian, I managed to flare-up my back, merely laying a blanket over my newborn son. That was it, and I had to find a solution! And I DID!

Only six weeks after meeting with Brian and spending 3hrs with him going over my movement, my pain-generators, and finally building a 2 stage plan, I’ve been able to not only return to lifting pain-free but also remain 100% pain-free in my day-to-day life.” Sawyer Lee


“After competing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for many years and suffering from back pain to the point I had to quit my job as a LEO really made me think my only solution was surgery. I had been in pain for two years because of a herniated disc in my lower back and I couldn’t take it anymore; so I started looking into an alternative other than surgery. I found Dr. Stuart McGill, his approach to back pain, and all the professional athletes being treated by him that were able to heal from their injuries. I immediately purchased the book “Back Mechanic” and I was instantly intrigued by the hope this book gave me to heal myself. After reading Back Mechanic I also purchased “Ultimate Back Fitness & Performance” and “The Gift of Injury”. This was one of the best things I did. After reading “The Gift of Injury” I was really excited by learning about Brian’s injury which was way more complicated than mine, and how he was able to recover and break his own world record in power lifting. Thanks to Dr. McGill I was able to meet with Brian Carroll in Jacksonville/FL just 3 hours from my house in Tampa/FL. By that time I had visited with many clinicians and there was nothing I could compare to how Brian assessed me. Brian was very observant and knowledgable, from the moment we met online to the moment we met in person. I finally had someone who knew what they were talking about and could understand what I was going through. I could notice him assessing me from the moment I walked in until the moment I left. After reading Dr. McGill’s books I was able to learn a lot in theory about the routes I should take to alleviate my pain and heal my back injury; however having Brian show me the actual functionality of the techniques and correct we in the areas I needed attention was absolutely fundamental, and was exactly what I needed to complete the package to successfully healing my injury. He showed me what I should be doing and what I shouldn’t to allow my injury to heal. Things that are part of your daily life that go unnoticed and are crucial for a successful outcome. He showed me how to create the stiffness and strength needed to protect my back and keep it protected. I was literally unable to walk the day I saw him because of severe sciatica down my right leg. Two weeks later just by following his recommendations, I was pain free and walking again but far from being totally healed. Brian explained to me the importance of taking things slow and to progress slowly (this is fundamental). I’ve seen many professionals since I had my injury and the consultation with Brian was hands down the best and most productive one I had. Doesn’t get any better than that.” Cicero Garcia