Become Certified in the McGill Method

Steps to Certification


You must be a health care practitioner or fitness professional, in good standing with their professional college or association.

Within the last five (5) years you have attended:

McGill 1: Building the Ultimate Back

McGill 2: Assessment – Converging on a precise diagnosis
McGill 2 master course: Assessment – Converging on a precise diagnosis

McGill 3: High Performance Training – Progressing backs from pain to performance

Check under the ‘courses’ tab for a schedule of upcoming McGill Method courses.


1. Study  the content in Dr. Stuart McGill’s Low Back Disorders (3rd Ed.) and Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance (6th Ed.) textbooks.
2. Take the McGill Method Certification written exam.
3. Take the McGill Method Certification practical exam.
4. Pay your member fees.
If you received a passing grade (≥ 80%), you will become McGill Method Certified. Once your McGill Method Certified member fees are paid, your contact information will be included in the McGill Method Certified database, posted on and available to the general public searching for referrals skilled McGill Method practitioners.

How to Maintain your Certification

1. Re-examination every 4 years (practical only, there is no cost for this)
2. Pay your annual certification membership fees

McGill Method Certification administered by REDelivery. Please visit for more details.

Certification from Backfitpro Inc. is the only certification recognized by Backfitpro Inc.

A Note From McGill Method Certified Practitioner, Nicola Folino

“Becoming McGill Method Certified has proven to be invaluable both personally and professionally. The process afforded me the confidence and reassurance I needed to impart knowledge and execute appropriate programs to clients suffering from low back pain. It has also provided me with a unique training niche supported by my listing on the Backfitpro website which continues to be a significant source of new clients.”

– Nicola Folino