Testimonials for Scott Habermehl ~ McGill Method Certified Practitioner

“I went to Scott with major back pain for an assessment. During the back assessment he made me feel very comfortable while talking through topics I did not know much about so that I would understand everything more clearly.

We started the back assessment with a conversation about my back and the pain I feel. Then we went to a movement assessment where we went through various movements to pinpoint my pain more precisely. He made sure I did not feel uncomfortable and a lot of pain during the whole process. I was nervous at first but near the end I felt at ease. Being around people you do not know very well can be difficult, with Scott it was a positive environment that made me feel welcomed.

Not only was it an amazing environment but my back felt much better at the end. He programmed exercises for me to do and I still do to them to this day to improve my strength. We also discussed how to improve my sleep position with a lumbar pillow. Before that I could barely sleep and was very uncomfortable. I now sleep much better.

Overall, since I visited Scott, I have noticed major change in my strength and comfort with my back. I definitely would recommend Scott to anybody I know if they are experiencing low back pain. – Katherine S.”


“So far, a month after only an assessment with Scott.. the pain I was experiencing as chronic pain, has been continually decreasing day after day.

My experience before with any professional that I would have seen (chiropractor) had me continuing to do the things that would aggravate what was going on. As well, their practice was also part of the major problem!

I had also seen a massage therapist.. which felt great to release the tension that my muscles were experiencing.. but also not getting to the root cause and then strengthening from there.

This is what Scott showed me. He explained in very simple terms the things I was doing to prevent myself from getting better.

That was the difference, understanding what I can do every day for myself to heal, opposed to spending a ton of money on different therapies. Each of us hold the answer to heal ourselves and I am not dependent on him or other therapies to make me better.

I’ve continued to have more movement and mobility every day, less pain each day, and now building on that, I can see how easily I can incorporate what Scott taught me into everyday life so I don’t go back to that chronic pain. “


“Since my assessment and our few sessions using the McGill Methods, the pain in my back is easing off.
Thank you for spending time with me to show me how to move properly so I don’t aggravate my back. I am doing my big 3 exercises daily with no pain. I appreciate everything I have learned coming to you, and it will continually help me help myself.
Looking forward to our next appointment.”


“After seeing many doctors and therapists including chiropractor getting pills and needles I was at my wits end about my lower back pain. It hurt when I sneezed or coughed, I couldn’t put my socks on in the morning. After doing some yard work it was hurtful to walk. Nothing was working until I was referred to Scott Habermehl. Scott’s knowledge of the lower back and his ease of explanation is incomparable to anyone I have met. I shortly realized that seeing therapists and chiropractor was just a Band-Aid fix. With Scott’s exercise program and proper posture fittings I can sneeze without pain, cough without pain, put my socks on with-out pain, work in the yard with-out pain.

I would highly recommend Scott for any type of lower back pain, I wish I would have gone to see him a lot earlier.”