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The three McGill Method courses (1: Foundation, 2: Assessment, 3: Enhancing Performance) leading to certification are available online.

The online McGill Method courses are expanded and more content rich than any of our live courses previously. You have one full year to access the course modules and learn at your own pace, after that the course will expire.

McGill Method 1: Foundation for the Pain-Free Back consists of 20 hours of lectures interspersed with demonstrations and breakout sessions. USD$1300

McGill Method 2: Assessment is 16 hours of lectures and demonstrations. USD$1300

McGill Method 3: Enhancing Performance is 12 hours of lectures and demonstrations. USD$1000

All access special pricing (all 3 McGill Method courses plus access to Hands-on skill development sessions (on line)). USD$2900 

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Applying for CEUs: First, check the requirements of your association. Most associations provide application forms on their website for their members to apply for their CEUs. Specifics such as direct contact hours, and course content description are found by by clicking on the course description buttons below. A copy of McGill’s CV is sometimes requested – see the “About” tab in the top ribbon, then McGill, then CV. If you need further information to complete the application please contact to receive a package prepared for this purpose.

Hands-on skill development opportunity: Hands-on interactive, skill development workshops: These small enrollment, live Zoom workshops with our BFP instructors review the hands-on skills involved in assessment, and techniques to enhance resilience and performance. The objective is to review your technique skills, and engage in Q and A. There is one workshop for each course. USD$100 per day. (Note that these are offered as a free bonus to those enrolled in all three courses)

For those interested in “In-person” skills development, please visit the Summit course page.

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McGill Method 1: Foundation for a Pain-Free Back

This course includes 20 hours of lecture and demonstrations by Prof McGill. It is geared for clinicians, trainers, coaches and performance specialists who wish to update their knowledge of the most recent developments in function of the lumbar spine. This is essential for making the best clinical decisions.


McGill Method 2: Assessment

This course includes 16 hours of lecture and demonstrations by Prof McGill. McGill Method 2 is geared for clinicians, advanced trainers, coaches and performance specialists who wish to obtain advanced skills to assess back-pained clients/patients. The goal is to converge on an understanding of the precise pain pathway to guide a targeted intervention.


McGill Method 3: Enhancing Performance

This course includes 12 hours of lecture and demonstrations by Prof McGill. McGill Method 3 is geared for clinicians, advanced trainers, coaches and performance specialists who wish to obtain advanced skills to enhance the performance of sport and occupational athletes alike.

All-inclusive 3 course package price ~ USD$2900

(includes free interactive skills development session with our BFP instructors)

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You have one full year to access the course modules and learn at your own pace, after that the course will expire.


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Is the McGill Method For You?

The McGill Method courses are designed for professionals who wish to enhance their mastery in dealing with back-pained clientele. These include advanced trainers, chiropractors, osteopaths, physical medicine specialists, physical therapists, athletic therapists, and others who work to reduce back pain. The McGill material provides an understanding of how the back works together with pathways to pain and dysfunction. Then delegates learn the clinical skills of assessment to converge on a precise understanding of the mechanism. Armed with this, the clinician then shows the client how to avoid the cause with movement and life hacks allowing the pain to desensitize. Ability is then restored with strategic development of mobility and stability that suits the individuals’ goals. This approach has been proven in thousands of top level athletes, through the spectrum to those struggling with back pain and who think their only remaining option is to have surgery. Following this approach 95% of those who have been told they need surgery avoid it. Those practitioners who go on to become certified in the McGill Method are referred patients and clients through the Backfitpro website.
The lectures by Prof McGill are content dense and highly consumable given the self-paced learning environment online. Embedded in the lectures are recorded hands-on skills development sessions with past delegates.

Interactive skills development workshops will be conducted in the future in small groups with Dr Ed Cambridge and Joel Proskewitz. Some of you will take this opportunity to synthesize your knowledge and skills and take the exam to become certified in the McGill Method.

McGill Method Courses – What the delegates have to say.



McGill Method 1 Online Course Testimonials:

“I was registered to attend the McGill Method Conference in Toronto this fall and was very disappointed when it was cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions. I decided to try the online version of the first course – McGill Method 1. What a fantastic learning experience!
Stuart McGill’s dynamic commentary really brings the material to life. He delivers a balance between the scientific research and useful practical skills that can be incorporated into your assessment and treatment of clients with low back pain.
The course is formatted so that you can complete it at your own pace, and having access to the material for a year allows you to go back and review the modules again to reinforce your learning.
I would strongly recommend this online course to anyone looking for an accessible, comprehensive introduction to the foundations of the McGill Method.”

Tonia Cockburn, PT
North Bay Regional Health Centre


“I thought the course was absolutely fantastic. I am about to go over the material again because Course 1 is loaded with so much information that one pass probably doesn’t do it justice. Professor McGill does a great job of explaining concepts and then illustrating them with real world examples. I thoroughly enjoyed the course as it reinforces key principles while also expanding and extending my knowledge base. This course needs to reach a wide audience!”

Allen C. East
Colonel (Ret), US Army

McGill Method 2 Online Course Testimonials:

“The online McGill Assessment course is a great resource for any clinician or physical trainer looking to take their skills to the next level. It integrates the information from the other McGill courses and adapts them to understanding and treating complex spine presentations. The highlight of the course is the full assessment conducted with a real back-pained patient, which allows you to, in effect, shadow Professor McGill and see the principles of a skilled assessment in action. Even though I have had the privilege of attending the in-person version of the course, I found myself picking up details, skills, and inspiration from the online course that made me more effective in my practice.”

Lysander Jim, MD


“Just finished the Master Assessment Online course. The course is very well structured and the video and audio quality were very good. I really liked the reflection questions, they brought everything together. As a whole, the price was reasonable, the information and experience with the online version is great. The inclusion of the question period in part 6 is of great value, thank you for including it.”

Yves Charette, Boreal College