Testimonials for Ryan Hollien ~ McGill Method Certified Practitioner

“Before coming into see Ryan, I couldn’t even get out of bed. My L5 herniation caused such bad sciatica, I scheduled surgery. Doing due diligence online before surgery, it was recommended to me to read Back Mechanics by Dr. Stuart McGill. After reading the book, I knew I had to give the process a chance. I googled McGill certified trainers within the area and Seaport Spine came up. Ryan is extremely thorough, examined my entire bodies mechanics and remapped how I got in such pain. Using his knowledge and the McGill Method, we were able to get me moving again pain free and I have canceled surgery. I highly recommend him and his practice for anyone in severe back pain or anyone considering back surgery. Thank you Seaport Spine!”

– Tyler N


“I’ve been in healthcare my entire career. Dr. Hollien is an honest, pleasant, skilled clinician with an easy going manner. I came for a McGill assessment and follow-up. He was excellent. At this time, he is the only McGill Method Certified Practitioner in New England! Each time I saw Dr. Hollien, I came away with another nugget of information to help me dial down my pain. He would watch me move and make subtle but important recommendations to advance my rehab. If you are contemplating spinal surgery, see Dr. Hollien first! ( his front office staff is also pleasant and accommodating. ) June 2021.”

– Joel H