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Richard Pilkington

“Dear Professor McGill, Your exercises helped save my surgical career as am currently working as a surgeon again. When I was working in orthopaedics over here in the UK, I still found the approach to back pain very poorly tolerated by my colleagues, who would unduly dispel it unless you had a cauda equina that […]

Professor Carla M. – Spain

Dear Prof. McGill: A brief message to let you know that things improved so much I feel better than before my low back problem. I am back to work since last month, and I did what you told me: total control of postures–getting up with hands on knees especially in the morning–no stretches, and increasing […]

Ben F. – England

Hi Stuart, Your knowledge has helped me help others so on behalf of them, Thanks. Wishing you continued success and health.

James O. – USA

Dear Dr.McGill, I would like to thank you. I am a 22 year old male who experienced two disk herniations, two years ago about 6 months apart. The first occurred while lifting a sandbag off the floor with bad form, which was the breaking point for a bulged disk from when i wrestled in high […]

Nigel P. – England

Professor Stuart Mcgill Hello, I saw you at a seminar in Manchester and you had me up on the couch and manipulated me a little, in front of the group! I was suffering from back pain and sciatica; I had seen various doctors and they recommended a surgical procedure l4/5 discectomy/laminectoy you may remember that […]

Joseph C. PT, DPT – USA

Dear Dr. McGill, I am the physical therapist from XXX you may remember speaking with me a several months back when I sought your knowledge and expertise to recover from a lumbar herniated disc and to ultimately return to bodybuilding and recreational MMA. Since then I have been employing the techniques outlined in your 2 […]

Dr Gary W. – USA

Stu: I feel really fortunate to have had the opportunity to talk with you. The discussion helped me to think through a strategy to relieve my highly localized morning back pain. The combination of the psoas stretching with ipsilateral shoulder flexion and intensive strengthening of gluteus maximus on a 4-way hip machine has provided remarkable […]

Ginette S. – Canada

Hi Doctor McGill, I just wanted to let you know it is my one year anniversary of seeing you, tomorrow October 5th if there is such a thing as “spine” anniversaries. I am doing so much better!!! No more spondy, what I used to call dropping a few floors when walking and the stenosis isn’t […]

Olja V. – Ontario

Dear Dr. McGill, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to show me some exercises a few weeks ago. I do the exercises almost daily and they truly help reduce the pain, as well as lessen the muscular imbalance! Thanks again!!

Matt M. – USA

Stu, I’m sorry we have had such a hard time touching base. I just wanted to update you on my situation and ask for some advice in the next few months as I begin to train again. In short, when I went to my apt on the 5th I was fully expecting to make the […]

Dr. Marian B. – Canada

Hello Stuart, You saw me in consultation, a number of years ago, and I am pleased to say that I benefited a lot from it—I am doing well and I hope that I will continue to do well. My awareness of your clinical expertise made me suggest to a former student of my wife and […]

Rus T. – USA

Thank you so much for the seminar. The information I learned from you is invaluable. Like I said before, we develop and administer fitness and wellness programs for staff and faculty at XXXX. I adhere to your research and writings almost exclusively. It’s to the point now that when someone brings me some new “cutting-edge” […]