Richard Pilkington

Dear Professor McGill,
Your exercises helped save my surgical career as am currently working as a surgeon again.
When I was working in orthopaedics over here in the UK, I still found the approach to back pain very poorly tolerated by my colleagues, who would unduly dispel it unless you had a cauda equina that needed decompression surgery.
Being a former back pain sufferer for many years from a lower back disc injury, I can only empathise with these patients. Thanks to you, your approach got me back on a slow road to recovery. Instead of doing the physio exercises that are usually prescribed and making the injury worse, your exercises slowly built up the correct muscle groups. I also suffered with a tight hip flexor and weak glutes.
Many thanks for your contribution in helping the likes of myself back onto the road to recovery.
I hope you don’t mind but I did an e-learning module for the junior surgeons (at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh) as they begin their surgical career. I mentioned that they should consult your material for training their backs to withstand the long hours of stooped posture at the operating table.”