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I just have to thank you for all your amazing resources. After not being able to stand without pain and having to stop all my training, I did exactly as you recommended. I bought the Back Mechanic book and read it/practiced all the recommendations during my December offseason and I am back in action with […]


Hey, George, I’m sure that you know how much that I enjoyed today’s show! Thanks for having Doc McGill on. He was great as always. Think that I’m going to get his DVD. I have also discovered how much “stronger” you become with super stiffness. It’s truly amazing. BTW, you just keep raising the bar […]


Thanks for the reply, I didn’t expect to hear form the Dr. himself! From your description, it sounds like I’d enjoy both the new edition and the DVD. I’ll check them out. I was re-reading some of the Back Fitness book recently, and was delighted again at the quantity and the quality of the information. […]

Burt R. – USA

HI Stu, I received the new DVD several days ago. I think it rocks and it has already paid for itself, in my view. I am 60 years, really into self fitness, and would have made it my career, if I were smarter as a kid. I’ve done chins and pullups since I was 17 […]


Greetings Stu, My wonderful wife blessed me for Father’s Day with your new DVD. Great piece of work and a good compliment to your first one. I certainly will give it a good plug on the Supertraining forum. I have been using bits of your last DVD to demo exercises for many of my more […]

Dr Tom F. – USA

Dear Stu, Thank you for sending your wonderful DVD. I think that every athlete and coach should own it and learn the lessons you teach.

John C. – USA

Dear Dr McGill, I wanted to take the time to thank you for writing this wonderful book (Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance). I am a strength and conditioning coach. I don’t have a medical degree or any degree for that matter. But I do a lot of self studying and attend seminars as often as […]

Remo F. – Canada

Several months ago I was getting a massage to address my chronic lower back pain and my therapist, who is very knowledgeable in back pain management said to me, ‘There’s a world renown back pain specialist here in Canada. His name is Dr. Stuart McGill and he’s with the University of Waterloo. Read some of […]


I get it now Dr. McGill. Super Stiffness! Spread the floor! Wow! XXXX and I worked yesterday for about and hour. I have been doing your stuff, but now I get the picture. We did the big three, one legged squats, farmer walk, pulled a rope with a small amount of weight on the end […]

Bryan S. CSCS – USA

Dr. McGill, First I would like to thank you for rescuing my back. After horrible sciatic and immobilizing pain from my 2nd lumbar herniated disc, I bought both of your books and read them thoroughly. I followed your advice and fixed my back. As an exercise physiology student and owner of a personal training business, […]


Dear Stuart, Your postures are helping me so much. So much. I am losing weight! Thank you so much for your time – you are truly a vehicle of grace to me.

Jeff T. – USA

Hi Dr. McGill, Just wanted to say thanks. I recently finished reading your Low Back Disorders book, for a continuing ed class, and thought it was excellent. I have read a number of your published papers over the years, but reading the book, which I have been wanting to do for awhile, really helped me […]