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Ed O’Neill

I had low back problems affecting my ability to work and enjoy life. Then I found Stuart McGill and his book Back Mechanic. I was guided on things to do (and not do) and my pain is gone. Professor McGill just makes sense. And he backs it up with science not guess work. I’m giving […]

Bill Parisi

Dr. Stuart McGill has performed more ground-breaking research than anyone else.  His 350+ published studies on back pain and enhancing performance has revolutionized the fitness industry on how we train the core and create top level performance. His books and programs have been life changing for me, my athletes and anyone I share his information […]

Blaine Sumner

Before understanding Dr. McGill’s work, I thought my back injury meant the end of my lifting career. Since absorbing all of his knowledge and applying the lessons in this book to my daily life, my career has been restored. I am stronger than ever – and taking my back health to new heights.

John Hofman

“Dr McGill, We have implemented many of your methods and have seen our back injuries decline from roughly $40,000 per claim to $10,000 per claim. Our overall injuries have dropped from roughly $1.2 mil to $750,000.” Thank you again

Ed V. MD

I am a physician. I have never read a more straightforward and lucid book (Back Mechanic) on back injuries and how to manage them than yours. Thanks for the wonderful work you have done that has helped so many people, me included. Sincerely,


From a pain management doctor: Have reviewed your material…Excellent. Really. Thanks. The present healthcare system (esp. back pain management) makes me sick. Backs are lined up by the “pain” specialists and epidural steroids slammed in with great remuneration and little benefit. It is also completely UNauditable.  I have always believed that eventually the public will […]


I just have to thank you for all your amazing resources. After not being able to stand without pain and having to stop all my training, I did exactly as you recommended. I bought the Back Mechanic book and read it/practiced all the recommendations during my December offseason and I am back in action with […]


Hey, George, I’m sure that you know how much that I enjoyed today’s show! Thanks for having Doc McGill on. He was great as always. Think that I’m going to get his DVD. I have also discovered how much “stronger” you become with super stiffness. It’s truly amazing. BTW, you just keep raising the bar […]


Thanks for the reply, I didn’t expect to hear form the Dr. himself! From your description, it sounds like I’d enjoy both the new edition and the DVD. I’ll check them out. I was re-reading some of the Back Fitness book recently, and was delighted again at the quantity and the quality of the information. […]

Burt R. – USA

HI Stu, I received the new DVD several days ago. I think it rocks and it has already paid for itself, in my view. I am 60 years, really into self fitness, and would have made it my career, if I were smarter as a kid. I’ve done chins and pullups since I was 17 […]


Greetings Stu, My wonderful wife blessed me for Father’s Day with your new DVD. Great piece of work and a good compliment to your first one. I certainly will give it a good plug on the Supertraining forum. I have been using bits of your last DVD to demo exercises for many of my more […]

Dr Tom F. – USA

Dear Stu, Thank you for sending your wonderful DVD. I think that every athlete and coach should own it and learn the lessons you teach.