Joseph C. PT, DPT – USA

Dear Dr. McGill,

I am the physical therapist from XXX you may remember speaking with me a several months back when I sought your knowledge and expertise to recover from a lumbar herniated disc and to ultimately return to bodybuilding and recreational MMA. Since then I have been employing the techniques outlined in your 2 books and displayed in the accompanying DVDs. I also purchased the Lumbair lumbar support for my car that you recommend on your site and in your book for adjusted support while sitting. I wanted to let you know that your materials have allowed me to begin taking my life back. Around the time I last contacted you my tolerance and capacity were very low, I had constant pain and I had to stop working for a while; even though I was told by some MDs that my injury was not that severe and should not be debilitating. I tried every conservative treatment available (epidurals, accupuncture, other physical therapists, decompression) and even sought surgery, but was not a candidate. I am ashamed to say that I knew about your book “Low Back Disorders” from PT school at Boston University before I injured my back. I neglected to follow and even forgot some of your principles, which I’m sure lead my own injury. Even after I hurt my back I continued to make things worse by stubbornly trying to work through the pain. …….Your books helped me to realize that a herniated disc “is not a life sentence”, but I will have to modify my training in order to continue.

I wanted to also let you know that I am promoting your materials and methods to all my colleges and patients. You have changed my practice. In a way, I almost feel blessed that this injury happened. It made me a better clinician, brought me closer to my faith and made me stronger all around. ….. Plus, I google your name a lot to find little bits of info here and there. Thanks again and see you in April.