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Eric B. – Ontario

Dear Stu, A few years ago I’d have been content being the run of the mill physiotherapist/personal trainer. Thanks to you and my other mentors in the field I know that I can aspire to more than that. Thank you. You don’t know how much of a difference you’ve made in my life. Sincerely,

Dr Keith S. – USA

Dr. McGill, Thank you for the seminar this past weekend.  Reading textbooks and watching videos is not the same as hands on to capture your gifts.  Warmest regards,

Mark S. DC, Canada

Thanks again Stu for an inspiring weekend, as I said to you on Saturday you still have plenty of fire in the belly!!! .I really appreciate your fire and dedication as well as all the sacrifices that you have made for humanity, you are a rock star  Stu, Thanks. Thanks Again!!

Dr. M. USA

Just a quick note to let you know that I have totally improved, and following your basic exercises, plus the help of the epidural, has allowed me to walk normally again for 3/4 mile to a mile. I have no discomfort, have been able to do surgery and see patients,  feel centered, and this morning […]

Sandra V. PT

Hello Dr. McGill, I just got home from the course you taught in XXX. Thank-you for teaching this weekend. The effort and discipline you put into knowledge translation is much appreciated. I had so many questions (cognitive dissonance) in my head on the drive home and I am glad I bought the DVD’s because I […]


Dr. McGill’s research and investigations around ‘low back pain syndromes’ has helped me troubleshoot dysfunction in many of the athletes and fitness enthusiasts I see.   I began following his work in 2004 during my Master’s degree in Exercise Science and still use his methods today.  As a Faculty member in the Department of XXXX at […]


Hey Stu, I’m re-watching the DVDs of you and Gray, which Laree D sent me. I just wanted to tell you that the information you’ve provided here has been one of the absolute most valuable and comprehensive educational experiences I can remember. You really did an amazing job of discussing the evidence and its practical […]


Dr McGill, I am pleased and super happy to let you know that I have been pain free for quite some time now and my core is stronger than ever thanks to your simple prescription.  I am deadlifting (up to my previous max) and o-lifting again:)  I use the exercises you gave me with most of […]


Hi, I just was reading the article Spine Flexion Myths on the website. First, I want to say in addition to being an exercise physiologist, my clinical training was done in spinal cord injury recreational therapy. Quickly, I’ve found the approach to core training offered by Dr. McGill to be spot-on for those I work […]

Dr J Randhawa

I had a chronic back pain patient who came to me about 7 months ago with what was then debilitating back pain. He had seen every MD, Physio, Chiro ect under the sun and no one could “fix” him. He had been an avid golfer and wanted nothing more than to return to playing golf. […]

David. USA

Hello Stu, Thanks for your prompt reply. Since I’m writing, I can let you know that I’m one more person who really values and appreciates the work you have been doing at Waterloo. I’m mostly retired now, but wish I’d had this updated science in my training and CE years ago. People still come to […]

Fletch B. USA

Stu, Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with us, especially considering our last minute changes. Your expertise and professionalism are inspiring. I learned a tremendous amount which will not only serve XXX, but the rest of my group and every other athlete henceforth.