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Testimonials for Cara Wurst ~ McGill Method Certified Practitioner

“I don’t know what I’d do without Cara. I thought my life was over when chronic pain entered. With significant arthritis in my neck and lower back along with scoliosis, I thought I was doomed to opioids, steroid epidural injections, and eventually surgery. That didn’t faze Cara though. She agreed we had a lot of […]

Testimonials for Lawrence Lee ~ McGill Method Certified Practitioner

“I’ve had back pain my whole life that has always made me feel unstable and has kept me out of the gym. Since working with Larry, using the McGill method, I’ve had considerable improvements in my overall back health. I’ve had more pain-free days in the last few months than I’ve had in years. He […]

Layne Norton ~ Gold medalist International Powerlifting Federation, 2022

When I met with Dr. McGill after suffering a debilitating lower back injury (multiple herniated and bulge discs) I had gone from a two time national champ and silver medalist at IPF worlds to someone who could barely do anything without pain. I was worried that I’d have to retire from powerlifting entirely. Dr. McGill […]

Lee Brandon ~ 3 Time World Long Drive Champion

As a Master Athlete competing internationally in the Sport of Long Drive Golf, my spine had to be managed strategically over the years. I’ve invested a lifetime in research on Spine Performance, Longevity and Recovery.  I’ve read every book, and been honored to not only teach these researched strategies, but LIVE them as an Internationally […]

Jeff Overton ~ PGA Golf Professional

‘It was a fight’: After battling life-threatening infection, Jeff Overton returns to Tour 5 years later After being on the PGA Tour from 2005 to 2017, I had a spine injection intended to help a herniated disc but instead led to a life-threatening infection and emergency surgery. After one failed rehab attempt I reached […]

Adam Oates – NHL Hockey Player

After 19 seasons in the NHL my body and back benefitted from Back Mechanic and Prof McGill’s approaches. I am back to enjoying life. Adam Oates, 1,079 career assists, over 19 seasons are the 8th most by a player in NHL history.

Trav from

The book Back Mechanic completely altered the course of my athletic career, and inherently my life. Mondays are Jiu Jitsu days. Usually, on Monday nights, I would experience crippling post Jiu Jitsu back pain, and often have an incredibly difficult time sleeping. This pain would persist through Wednesday, which is another Jiu Jitsu day, thus […]

Taylor Ritzel, Olympic games Gold Medalist

When I saw Professor McGill, I was feeling frustrated, defeated and burned out after having dealt with numerous rib fractures and little to no guidance or support. Not only did he help me tremendously in understanding proper mechanics and where my weak spots were, but he helped me continue to row pain free and elongate […]

Rachel Kemner, Rancher

I am excited to tell you I rode a horse today near Moran, WY. 
I wish I could truly express my emotions but can’t.
 I am most grateful for your help, and your book, Back Mechanic.
 Thank you again for helping me restore my health to as best as can be.