James O. – USA

Dear Dr.McGill,

I would like to thank you. I am a 22 year old male who experienced two disk herniations, two years ago about 6 months apart. The first occurred while lifting a sandbag off the floor with bad form, which was the breaking point for a bulged disk from when i wrestled in high school. The second lead me to learned something i didn’t know i was doing while weight lifting, i was rounding my back severely on all my low bar back squat….. I posted on a forum describing my situation and they recommended i look into your works, saying they followed your texts and have felt better and could continue on pain free.

I read your book daily, about ten pages at a time taking notes. I then assessed myself and found i had great posture which was a relief, but that left me with what else i had to work on. I then created a year and half long recovery plan, which i am close to completing the last step being losing excess body fat as i have a gut and i don’t want my lower back to be taxed due to poor eating habits. Because of your work i am proud to say i am 6 months pain free and have been able to return to weight lifting with no pain, but you have also given me an even greater gift. It was through reading your work and finishing rehab that i finally realized “I’m great at getting hurt then not being hurt”. While that statement sounds silly, it has given me direction in my life because i wasn’t so sure what i was doing after i finished college(Only 5 weeks left).

While i would love to thank you in person that will have to happen one day in the future and I hope this email could suffice. Again, thank you Dr.McGill.