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Brandi S. – Canada

Good evening, I just wanted to thank you once again for your help with my back on Friday at the XXX conference. It’s great to finally have a diagnosis to work with after months of being told its over exertion only to have it return at the first sign of return to exercise. I truly […]

Susan G. – Canada

Stu, thought I’d let you know that I think I’m making good progress. The feeling is almost completely back in my baby toe. The pain is much, much less and I haven’t taken any Tylenol during the daytime for several days. I can’t believe that I could be SO much better in 10 days, since […]

Mati N. – Argentina

Hi Stu! My back is great and apparently as long as I keep my back in a vertical position I can handle a good amount of weight with no pain whatsoever. I am able to do split squats with 100 kg and I feel great. I have also started to do one-arm pull ups with […]

Greg P. – USA

Dr. McGill, I’m 49 years old and I have battled partially herniated disks, central disk extrusions, osteoarthritis, an ‘unstable lumbar spine’, for more than half my life. Luckily, for decades, the pain was ‘on and off’. A little over a year ago, however, (after a transatlantic flight), my back went to ‘all excruciating, all the […]

Alice S. B.C. – Canada

Dear Dr McGill, An update on my situation, I’m virtually pain free and have my life back. On your advice, I don’t floss the nerve, but do the other exercises ten times daily. It’s a miracle.

Victor S. – USA

Dear Stuart, I want to express my gratitude to you. Over the years, I’ve been treated for back/spine problems by many health specialists (chiropractors, neurologists, orthopedic doctors, physical therapists ), but never – not once – have I received the kind of concerned, comprehensive and personal attention you provided. Never has any specialist spent so […]

Charles M. – England

Dear Professor McGill, It’s a year almost to the day since I came to see you from the UK, and I would like to give you a progress report.  I’ve kept pretty strictly to you regime of exercises and built them up, and have taught myself to move in the ways you showed me.  About […]

S.T. – USA

Stu, I am doing remarkably better!  You were definitely right that my issues stem from postural weakness and poor movement habits.  I was great with my posture for the first several weeks and still constantly correct my old lazy habits.  The lumbair is amazing for me at work and I have recommended it to several […]

Samantha W. – California

My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting you and attending your 2 lectures and 2 labs in Long Beach at the Perform Better Summit recently and I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful work in our fields. I am a physical therapist and my husband is a personal trainer and registered dietician […]

Dr Phil. H.

Good morning Dr. McGill, Keep up the great work. It makes a huge difference with this airbase.

Dr. Steve G. – Canada

Hi Dr. McGill, I trust that this e-mail finds you well.  You assessed my wife just a little over a year ago for a back injury she sustained while out of country with subsequent MRI upon our return to Canada revealing a L5-S1 disc protrusion.  You were kind enough to find time in your busy […]

Dr. Eric L. – Spain

Dear Stu, I’ve developed a habit of listening to podcasts on my daily drive to work, and I’ve been listening to your interview with Bret Contreras. First I have to commend you on your patience in sticking it out for 3 hours, but I really want to thank you and congratulate you for your fantastic […]