Professor Carla M. – Spain

Dear Prof. McGill:

A brief message to let you know that things improved so much I feel better than before my low back problem. I am back to work since last month, and I did what you told me: total control of postures–getting up with hands on knees especially in the morning–no stretches, and increasing walking–now I can enjoy as before 1-2 km. in nature, take our German Shepherd to the park daily… The trick is I am constantly aware of how I walk, with pelvis-legs straight. I have no pain at all, even in shops–but keep a good position on lines (no more one-leg resting). I also enjoy water jog exercise plus swimming twice a week–which helps relaxing back and neck. Ready to enjoy summer time! People around don’t believe my recovery– I tell them about you and your book. And how smart it was to avoid surgery.