Matt M. – USA


I’m sorry we have had such a hard time touching base. I just wanted to update you on my situation and ask for some advice in the next few months as I begin to train again.

In short, when I went to my apt on the 5th I was fully expecting to make the apt for surgery and plan accordingly. The Dr. came in shaking his head and laughing a bit and said “whatever you did worked, or you have been blessed AGAIN”. My herniation that was over 90% occlusive was now < 70% and the surgeon said that as long as I am not symptomatic that he doesn't suggest surgery During my entire recovery I have been doing many of the torso stabilization/endurance exercises that you mention in your articles and books. Also, I have been performing Reverse Back extensions religiously and have worked back to front squats at bodyweight (approx 200lbs) without complication or aggravation. I plan on competing in the firefighter combat challenge again next year. Maybe not at a competitive level, but at least to prove to myself that I am at that level of function again. Thanks again,