Brandi S. – Canada

Good evening,

I just wanted to thank you once again for your help with my back on Friday at the XXX conference. It’s great to finally have a diagnosis to work with after months of being told its over exertion only to have it return at the first sign of return to exercise. I truly appreciate that you were able to take the time to provide me with a detailed answer (and getting me started down the path to recovery) to what I thought was going to be a routine question regarding numbness.

I have been doing the things you recommended. Although at first they were very painful it is certainly easing with large pain decreases and I am starting to notice numbness decreasing as well.

Your seminars are a highlight to any conference, I always learn something great. And it was my pleasure to meet you! Once again thank you for being part of a wonderful conference and for putting me on the road to a healthier stronger back!