Rus T. – USA

Thank you so much for the seminar. The information I learned from you is invaluable. Like I said before, we develop and administer fitness and wellness programs for staff and faculty at XXXX. I adhere to your research and writings almost exclusively. It’s to the point now that when someone brings me some new “cutting-edge” programming (usually garbage) instead of beating them down myself, I ask them what Dr. McGill would say about it. I make all of my instructors become familiar with your works and some choose to read your books as well. So as you can see, the opportunity to come out and see you was HUGE. A great number of things we had in mind were validated.

I really appreciate how personable and anecdotal your seminar was. Too often I find myself in a gathering of workout nuts who just want to pump each other up with hype and nonsense. I can’t stand those and refuse to attend them even when I am asked to. I simply won’t entertain unqualified evidence-lacking hype. Because my work at XXXX is not revenue-based, I can focus 100% of my approach to results-based work and have done so. So thank you again for all of your credibility (if that is something I can be grateful for).

Also, thank you so much for working with me in the goblet squat and the band-resisted hip extension with the bar and the deadlift and especially the kettlebell swing. I felt a lot of very pertinent activations that I will definitely stay on top of. Especially after you found my disc bulge. Btw, thank you for doing that. I have given up with physicians. They just don’t get it. They stick to their protocols and don’t help me whatsoever. You deduced it in 30 seconds. If you know anyone in SoCal that can do some hands-on work for me, I’d love to get that contact from you.

Your tirade on stretching was fantastic. I can’t express to you how much I loathe and detest this idea of stretching. Especially when the action is validated by the “feeling” it produces in the individual. The very same feeling that is supposed to protect the tissues against stretching. So dumb! I instruct a yearlong instructor development course in which I rant about how idiotic having loose joints is. I explain that stretching only adds tension and to tissues that are already elastic rather than the “tightnesses” or the “knots” or trigger points. I argue that it only enhances those tight areas by reducing tension on them and isolating them and leaving more tissues to bind up. (I have no proof of this, but it’s just my experience with it. “Stretching only stretches what’s already stretchy”. I even use a rubber band to demonstrate this. I pull the rubber band to demonstrate how all of the part elongate evenly. Then I tie a knot in it and demonstrate how it can still stretch just fine but not inside of the knot. The knot only tightens up. Unfortunately, no one buys into my thinking and they continue their stretching because it “feels” so good. Thank you so much,