Victor S. – USA

Dear Stuart,

I want to express my gratitude to you. Over the years, I’ve been treated for back/spine problems by many health specialists (chiropractors, neurologists, orthopedic doctors, physical therapists ), but never – not once – have I received the kind of concerned, comprehensive and personal attention you provided. Never has any specialist spent so much time reviewing in depth my experience with my condition. Never has any specialist probed so deftly for insights and details regarding my condition. Never has any specialist performed such a thorough search of symptom discovery. In short, I felt that your dedication to the resolution of my problem was extraordinary.

In addition, I appreciate the fact that your roadmap (actually, guided tour) of treatment and technique was presented in a careful, patient, easily-understandable manner.

Now, of course, it’s up to me to reap the rewards of our session. Although it will not be easy, I expect that my very favorable impression will help accelerate my progress.
With sincere gratitude,