Charles M. – England

Dear Professor McGill,

It’s a year almost to the day since I came to see you from the UK, and I would like to give you a progress report.  I’ve kept pretty strictly to you regime of exercises and built them up, and have taught myself to move in the ways you showed me.  About Christmas time I noticed that my back was becoming more resilient, and as long as I didn’t accept that as an invitation to do more, I could do things with less pain.  This has continued.

When I met you, you asked what I wanted to be able to do, and I said to become a flying instructor again.  After retraining from April onwards, I got my instructor rating back in early August, and three days later I had a job again!  It’s early days yet, and more difficult to keep the exercise regime going now that I’m flying my socks off, so I shall have to learn to pace myself in this as well.

Nevertheless, I have, with the help of your great knowledge and analytical ability, been able to achieve my aim, and for that I am deeply in your debt.  If you are ever across in the UK, please get in touch; I would love to take you flying.

With highest regards and all good wishes,