Sandra V. PT

Hello Dr. McGill,

I just got home from the course you taught in XXX. Thank-you for teaching this weekend. The effort and discipline you put into knowledge translation is much appreciated. I had so many questions (cognitive dissonance) in my head on the drive home and I am glad I bought the DVD’s because I could use them to go over some questions and relax about not being able to retain all of the information you presented this weekend.  Again,  the DVD’s  are evidence of how you are willing to put a wholehearted effort into repeating yourself in as many ways as possible to translate and pass on the knowledge that you are gleaning in your lab.  You are like a decathlete in your ability to learn the information in many different disciplines, engineering, anatomy, medicine, education, statistics ( I am probably leaving out a few),  then design experiments to test the ideas and concepts, then apply the results clinically to a variety of patient types and then debate and defend the conclusions and pass on the results to others in an understandable, entertaining way.

You made a change in my world and hopefully I will be able to pass this on to my patients for their benefit.

PS. Also, as far as feedback goes, I have been using the ideas you presented at the course and getting good results with making a change with some of my patients from working on mobility first TO working on stability first and then seeing an improvement in mobility. Thanks again for your work,