Testimonial Category: Individuals

Chris Duffin, Founder of Kabuki Strength and Record setting lifter

Dr McGills scientific work has proven instrumental in our movement preparation to improve performance, create more robust athletes, and so critical in the return-to-play portion of the rehabilitation process for back injured athletes. In fact my Guinness world record deadlift of 1001 lbs was competed after incurring disc injuries early in my career that I […]

Matt “the Immortal” Brown, UFC veteran

After injuring my back in 2013 I searched for the best doctors and info to help me get back in to fight shape. I spoke to many doctors, tried many methods and read tons of books. None of it really got me over the hump until I came across Dr. McGills books. Since then I […]

Rob King ~ Competitive PowerLifter

I can’t say enough positive things about what I have learned from Dr. McGill. For 10+ years I was injured and broken from a back injury. This set back my training and put my life on hold. I could not lift do any heavy activity. I thought I was done. After meeting Dr. McGill and […]

Elena Bovina ~ Pro tennis player

As a pro tennis player, back pain was ending my career. I was told I needed surgery. Professor Stuart McGill and his book Back Mechanic got me back to functioning at 100%, his method is truly a miracle. After meeting with Dr. McGill and starting my rehab following his method, I quickly felt an improvement […]

Andy Bolton ~ First man to deadlift 1000 pounds, UK

After being the first to pull a 1000 pound deadlift I found myself struggling after some back and health issues. The pain caused me to loose hip and back power. Stuart McGill and his books showed me the way to rebuild a foundation to train then unleash my hips to regain training ability. I am […]

Ted Kerasote, Wyoming, USA (Author of some of my favourite books)

After seeing Prof McGill my back has been excellent.  His advice, my continuing the Big 3 core exercises, and using the auto mechanic’s stool for my desk have brought about a profound change in my comfort and ability to resume the things I love to do, like hike, ski, and write for long hours.  Advice […]

D Duncan, Arizona, USA

I returned yesterday from a five day back packing trip in the Grand Canyon — 40 pound pack, from the rim to the river and back up (2000 meters) and many kilometers in between.  Last year at this time I could not walk 20 meters without stopping because of the pain.  I don’t believe in […]

Ethan Bowman, North Dakota State Champion wrestler

Thank You Dr Ed Cambridge (McGill Method Master Clinician). This last weekend Ethan punched his ticket as a ND state champion. We want to thank you for your professionalism and very kind and generous heart, you gave up and above what any Doctor would have given. My wife and I along with Ethan want to […]

Howard M. Armitage ~ World champion

This week I won 75+ age division at the World Masters Squash competition. This would not have been possible if I hadn’t had the good fortune of encountering Dr Stuart McGill.  Having previously broken my back twice, I had reached a stage of desperation characterized by constant pain, utter fatigue, inability to sleep and an almost […]