Ted Kerasote, Wyoming, USA (Author of some of my favourite books)

Ted Kerasote

After seeing Prof McGill my back has been excellent.  His advice, my continuing the Big 3 core exercises, and using the auto mechanic’s stool for my desk have brought about a profound change in my comfort and ability to resume the things I love to do, like hike, ski, and write for long hours.  Advice on recuperating from my lower back surgery was also invaluable. From not being able to walk more than ten minutes without numbness in my right quad (and having to stop and find a convenient rock or bench to hang from), I’ve gone to hiking more than six hours at a stretch while carrying a 25-pound hunting pack and climbing and descending a thousand meters.  I’m thrilled.  Thank you!  Thank you! I’ve been recommending Back Mechanic left and right. (Photo by Heather Erson)