The Walking Solution to Back Pain with Dr. Stuart McGill

The Walking Solution to Back Pain with Dr. Stuart McGill Join Joyce & Dr. Stuart McGill, Chief Scientific Officer at Backfitpro Inc, and Distinguished Professor Emeritus at University of Waterloo, for a casual conversation you can walk to. Joyce and Dr. McGill discuss how walking is a non-negotiable activity for spine health, the importance of […]

Fix and Prevent your Back Pain – CamBro Conversations

(142) Dr Stu McGill – Fix and Prevent your Back Pain We discuss why there is no “non-specific back pain” and why this diagnosis holds people back from solving their pain. Also the common mistakes clinicians and individuals make when it comes to both assessing back pain and treating it. The world has continued to […]

The Thinking Practitioner- Back Pain, Stiffness & Fascia

Back Pain, Stiffness & Fascia (with Stuart McGill) Legendary back pain researcher Stuart McGill (author of Back Mechanic and others) talks with Whitney and Til about spinal pain, fascia, biomechanics and other topics including: – Non-specific vs specific back pain – Stiffness/mobility tuning in manual therapy – The psoas’ role in supporting the spine – […]

Resolving and Preventing Back Dysfunction – Healthspan Academy

Resolving and Preventing Back Dysfunction with World Class Spine Expert Dr Stuart McGill “In this week’s episode of Healthspan Academy, I chatted with spine biomechanics mastermind Dr. Stuart McGill. We chatted about the most effective tactics for rehabilitating and preventing back pain and improving performance. Dr. McGill discussed the data and methodology he used to […]

Pavel coached Vladimir to hang following each heavy deadlift rep.

Keeping A Resilient Back as We Age

Meeting Pavel for the first time about twenty years ago changed my life. It is a story that has been told in these pages before. I was impressed with this quiet gentleman who knew so much about training systems far from the American tradition. We discussed the eloquence of Russian sport science that produced performance […]

EPISODE #356 – Joe DeFranco’s Industrial Strength Show

Dr. Stuart McGill On Spinal Flexion, Direct Ab Training, Most Injurious Exercises & More! “I have a deep conversation with Joe DeFranco about the many controversies and discussions that he thinks misrepresents our work. He asks some tough questions. Joe is a master of the craft and proves it with his broad success in preparing […]