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Nagging Lower Back Pain — and How to Fix It

Ep. 25: Nagging Lower Back Pain—and How to Fix It, Listen At » Also on: Apple Podcasts Spotify Google Play


Professor McGill discusses pain science, back pain and the bio-psycho-social approach with Dr Joe Tatta of the Integrative Pain Science Institute –, Listen At » We’re discussing the evaluation and treatment of lower back pain with Dr. Stuart McGill. Dr. McGill is a Professor Emeritus from the University of Waterloo where he has […]


#5 SPINE SAFETY W. PROF. STUART MCGILL –, Listen At » Another wonderful conversation, this time with the low back expert Prof Stuart McGill all the way from Ontario, Canada. Prof McGill’s work has guided my work with people with low back pain but has also formed a foundation for anyone looking for […]

157 Stuart McGill: Spine Mechanics and Adaptation

Mindful Strength – 157 Stuart McGill: Spine Mechanics and Adaptation, Listen At » Kathryn and Stuart talk about movement, human bodies in sport, progressive adaptation, and the spine. Stuart shares some insights on how the spine adapts to stress, and why it’s important to stay below the tipping point. They talk about full body […]

PowerLifting Podcast – Episode #1

PowerLifting Podcast – Episode #1 – Dr. Stu McGill, Listen At »—Dr–Stu-McGill In this episode of the PowrLifting Podcast we chat with Dr. Stu McGill about all things PowerLifting, Strength, Back Injuries and much more. Dr. McGill has worked with some of the best PowerLifters in the World. We had a great chat and […]

Dr. Stuart McGill on spine health and core training

Marin Lazic Podcast – Dr. Stuart McGill on spine health and core training, Listen At » Dr. Stuart M. McGill is a professor emeritus, University of Waterloo, where he was a professor for 30 years. His laboratory and experimental research clinic investigated issues related to the causal mechanisms of back pain, how to rehabilitate […]