Testimonials for Mark Bevers

I have a herniated disc L5 S1 and was suffering for months this last winter. Via a Facebook group called ‘herniated disc support’, I came across the name Stuart McGill, several people mentioned his book and how it has helped their back tremendously. I started googling the book by Stuart McGill (he wrote several but the book mentioned mostly is called “Back Mechanic”) and found lots of great reviews on the book. I bought the book (Video version which means you get 1 year access to videos explaining the exercises) and read it in detail front to back, the book alone helped me a lot to gain wisdom in how the back functions and made me conclude I was ‘flex-intolerant’ and should avoid pain triggers such as flexing. This was so much in contrast to my belief + what type of exercises my physio taught me which appeared to be aggravating my pain. It is actually very sad most doctors/physiotherapists do not have this knowledge and wrongly advise us as patients. It was such an eye-opener that I started to look more into McGill to find out if he was working with international specialists. I learned via his website that several specialists have been trained in his method to perform a ‘McGill assessment’, I was lucky to find Mark Bevers in the Netherlands, I made an appointment and I am so happy I had the McGill assessment done by Mark. He has so much expertise and a wealth of knowledge on lower back problems. I came to the assessment very well prepared with a list of questions and prior knowledge that I learned from the book ‘Back Mechanic’. The assessment takes about 3-4 hours and pinpoints what exactly my triggers are, which movements to avoid and more importantly how to move forward to avoid issues in the future. We looked at the different stages of gaining core strength and where it was best for me to start. Mark taught me all the exercises in detail and allowed me to take pictures/videos for future reference. I am so glad I did the assessment. Don’t get me wrong, it is not a miracle cure (nothing is) but I now have a personal assessment of my back + a detailed plan on how to move forward. Mark is very kind and still connects to check how I am feeling and whether I still have questions, this is a very important aspect for me as questions still arise after the assessment. If you are suffering from lower back pain, do not hesitate to get the McGill assessment performed by Mark Bevers. I would highly recommend, if you do the assessment, to read the book ‘Back Mechanic’ prior to your visit.


After four years of visiting doctors and searching for help for my low back pain, I found the McGill treatment and Mark Bevers. I made an appointment with Dr. Bevers for a McGill Assessment.
Before that, there were a few MRIs and the diagnosis of disc hernia, but no instruction on how to deal with it and heal in daily life, so no real help. I was feeling kind of hopeless and arranged myself with living with the pain.
Dr. Bevers examined my back thoroughly, he analysed my movement patterns and my history of back pain. He explained his view on my problems in detail and answered all of my questions completely.
Based on my individual needs, he showed me exercises to heal my back. During the four hour appointment I learned a lot and he gave me the tools to recover my injured back.
The four hour appointment was worth the money I had to pay for it and it was a pleasure to work with Dr. Bevers.


I did a long trip to get to Mark Bevers clinic but it was totally worth it. Mark is the right person to look for when you are suffering from back pain. By performing a full McGill assessment he was able to recommend me the right exercises that will reinforce my core and avoid my pain triggers. So far I’m really feeling a lot of improvements! Keep up the good work Mark!

Michel Almeida – Lisboa, Portugal (9 December 2018)


(Dutch – original)
Na 3 fysio’s, een manueel therapeut en een sportarts gezien te hebben zonder enig resultaat (meer dan 15 afspraken totaal), ben ik bij Mark Bevers terecht gekomen. Ik was verrast dat een collega van Dr. Stuart McGill in Nederland werkt en heb meteen een afspraak gemaakt. Tot op heden ben ik 100% tevreden over Mark Bevers. Hij hanteert goede methoden en neemt ruim de tijd voor je. Hij geeft praktisch advies en legt je uit waar je rugpijn vandaan komt en wat je zelf wel en niet kunt doen om je klachten te verminderen en herstel te bevorderen. Zelf ben ik geen medicus, maar naar mijn idee is dit de eerste specialist die ik tegen ben gekomen, die werkelijk verstand heeft van lage rugklachten. Ik kan Mark Bevers aanbevelen aan iedereen met rugklachten.

(English – google translated)
After having seen 3 physios, a manual therapist and a sports physician without any result (more than 15 appointments in total), I ended up at Mark Bevers. I was surprised that a colleague from dr. Stuart McGill works in the Netherlands and has made an appointment right away. To date, I am 100% satisfied with Mark Bevers. He uses good methods and takes plenty of time for you. He provides practical advice and explains where your back pain comes from and what you can and can not do to reduce your symptoms and promote recovery. I am not a medical doctor myself, but in my opinion this is the first specialist I have encountered, who really understands low back pain. I can recommend Mark Bevers to anyone with back problems.

Jasper Cardinaals – Ammerzoden, Netherlands (Februari 2018)


Dear Professor McGill, Dear Sarah McGill after being so happy with your method described in the books I finally met Mark Bevers in the Netherlands. He did a wonderful job. He helped me a lot in the way how patiently he revisited my medical history, examined my back in a way nobody did before and than gave me important corrections for the exercises I had learned from the books. I’m doing much much better an I’m so thankful that I wanted to let you know. Though I’m “only” a child psychiatrist I’m even considering to take part in the 1st European Conference in Eindhoven in May 2019 (out of personal interest) and to invite my brother who ist physiotherapist. Very nice greatings Andreas

Andreas Stage – Duisburg, Germany (2 August 2018)


A few month ago I had another, what I call a lower back crisis. Lower back problems are there since my youth. I even had a hernia at the age of 16.
A MRI scan recently showed two of the disks in my lower spine are pretty much destroyed.
I’m a professional musician and already since 48 years play bass trombone. A heavy instrument to play and carry around so not very helpful to keep your back in good shape.
The last years the problems with my back became more disturbing and like many of us, I tried many different ways of treatment.
During my last crisis I received a tip from a Facebook friend from the USA, Timothy Booth, who made me aware of a book by Professor Stuart McGill , Back Mechanic.
Timothy was very enthusiastic about this book so I google and luckily found a Dutch translation of the book by Mark Bevers, chiropractor and fysio therapist from the Netherlands.
I directly ordered the book and read the book with great interest. A very clear explanation of the different back disorders one can have, all the myths about so-called solutions and what to do and not to do.
It also gives a very clear explanation of the special exercises made by McGill to make your body stronger to support your weak back.
The book is very easy to read and understandable but I thought it would be better to visit Mark Bevers and let him diagnose my problems and to go through the exercises together so I know I do them the right way.
I had this McGill consult with Mark Bevers three weeks ago and it made me even more determined to go for it and I already feel my body it getting stronger in a positive way. 
Mark is nice man who gives you a very good feeling. He listens very well to your story, does a serious check up and diagnose and explains very clearly what is the matter. He gives a lot of tips to treat you back in a better way, as he calls “the back hygiene” and together we went through all the exercises which are now even more clear to me than after reading the book.
Still a long way to go but I’m absolutely sure I have finally found the right tools to work on strengthen my body!!

Ben van Dijk – Den Haag, Netherlands (7 December 2018)