Testimonials for Keith Isabey

“When I met Dr. Isabey 1 year ago my disc injury was back after having a lumbar surgery in 2017. I overtrained and my L5-S1 disc was torn again. The disc was protruding and I had horrible nerve pain down my leg and foot. I was desperate for good care and most of all, for hope. All I could hear from physicians was surgery – a fusion of the disc (with invasive methods). They told me that I had to stop participating in sports, and I had to stop lifting. Basically, I had to stop doing what I love most.

Then I met Dr. Isabey. I had never seen someone that cared that much for his patients. He was always confident that one day I will be pain-free without surgery. Dr. Isabey gave me hope and accompanied me through this very tough period of pain and adaptation. Three words to describe Dr. Isabey: empathy, professional and competent.

Today the work is not finished, but I am pain-free almost all the time. Pain does not drag me down, Dr. Isabey taught me how to control it with 0 medication, as well as how to train smarter, not harder. Most importantly, Dr. Isabey made me understand all of the above and that pain is a signal that should never be ignored! Trust in the process is key. It sounds very simple, but honestly, it got me where I am today.

I could not be thankful enough for what Dr. Isabey has achieved with me. I am looking forward to improving even more.”



“Dear Dr. Isabey,
I have been meaning to write for some time. Things have been going well. I finally got back into a power cycle and have been hitting some PR’s again. I have not had any significant back pain. I really appreciate your help in identifying the triggers. Forward flexion is something I really need to watch out for and have been very diligent in keeping it to a minimum. I keep deadlifts spread out and squats only once a week with any weight. I am squatting more than I ever have and feeling pretty good about my form. Occasionally I am off and just don’t push it on those days. I do the McGill big three exercises as a warm-up or just as a light day.”

Thanks for all your help so far,