Testimonials for Keith Isabey

“Dear Dr. McGill,

I am a police K9 handler in BC and a patient of Dr. Isabey. My job is very physically demanding and in November 2020 I suffered a back injury at work. My recovery was slow, confusing, and frustrating. I discovered your program and went through a very thorough assessment with Dr. Isabey in Vancouver. I came out of the assessment with a full understanding of what caused my injury and how to prevent future injuries. Dr. Isabey has been very engaged in my rehabilitation as we meet regularly to assess and adjust the program as needed. I feel like I now have the best possible chance of recovering and getting back to the job I love. Big shout out to Dr. Isabey and your program.”


“When I met Dr. Isabey 1 year ago my disc injury was back after having a lumbar surgery in 2017. I overtrained and my L5-S1 disc was torn again. The disc was protruding and I had horrible nerve pain down my leg and foot. I was desperate for good care and most of all, for hope. All I could hear from physicians was surgery – a fusion of the disc (with invasive methods). They told me that I had to stop participating in sports, and I had to stop lifting. Basically, I had to stop doing what I love most.

Then I met Dr. Isabey. I had never seen someone that cared that much for his patients. He was always confident that one day I will be pain-free without surgery. Dr. Isabey gave me hope and accompanied me through this very tough period of pain and adaptation. Three words to describe Dr. Isabey: empathy, professional and competent.

Today the work is not finished, but I am pain-free almost all the time. Pain does not drag me down, Dr. Isabey taught me how to control it with 0 medication, as well as how to train smarter, not harder. Most importantly, Dr. Isabey made me understand all of the above and that pain is a signal that should never be ignored! Trust in the process is key. It sounds very simple, but honestly, it got me where I am today.

I could not be thankful enough for what Dr. Isabey has achieved with me. I am looking forward to improving even more.”



“Dear Dr. Isabey,
I have been meaning to write for some time. Things have been going well. I finally got back into a power cycle and have been hitting some PR’s again. I have not had any significant back pain. I really appreciate your help in identifying the triggers. Forward flexion is something I really need to watch out for and have been very diligent in keeping it to a minimum. I keep deadlifts spread out and squats only once a week with any weight. I am squatting more than I ever have and feeling pretty good about my form. Occasionally I am off and just don’t push it on those days. I do the McGill big three exercises as a warm-up or just as a light day.”

Thanks for all your help so far,