Testimonials for Dr. Jim George

“13 years ago, I had an unfortunate ski accident that left me with chronic low back pain. I tried many modalities to try and help myself manage the pain and bring healing to my back. Some were helpful but most of my efforts ended up making the pain worse. It led me into chronic pain that affected not only my body but caused deep emotional and mental stress.

In my search to find a way to help myself I came upon the work of Dr Stuart McGill, considered one of the world’s foremost authorities on back pain. This led me to Dr. George at the Central Institute for Human Performance (CIHP). No one has ever approached me with such a depth of analysis. I knew I had finally found the help I was looking for and that they could guide me to slowly heal my body by giving me progressive programs through which I could heal myself. I am making steady progress on all levels. I am so grateful for all the help I am receiving from CIHP and especially from Dr Dan Durkin….I really didn’t know how I was going to find a way out of the suffering I was in. I highly recommend them; they are compassionate and very skilled at what they do…a life saver for me. I am deeply grateful to have found them!!!”
– Richard F. from New Mexico


“Today marks 5 years since I had a discectomy/laminectomy and on the day of the surgery, the surgeon told my parents I would need a multiple level fusion within 3 to 5 years. Well 5 years is here and by the grace of God, no fusion or anywhere close. A huge reason for this is the expertise of the CIHP team and you specifically. I know I have thanked you in the past but just wanted to say thank you again! Not a day goes by where I do not do the daily exercises you have given me and my workouts revolve around exercises that you showed me. Strength continues to improve and I have found a PT locally who I stay in touch with to make sure everything looks okay and progressing in the right movement patterns.”
– Andy B. from Pennsylvania