Testimonials for Dr. Clayton Skaggs

“It’s been a long while since I’ve had not just hope, but results. Experiencing is believing, and CIHP + Stuart McGill are the ones who have gifted me both and are guiding me back into the fullness of my life.”

-Tyler Friedrich, Nebraska


“I was a life long amateur athlete who never really trained. I played my sports did some push-ups and stayed in shape without any extra training. I had heard people speak about the importance of core strength and muscle balance but didn’t pay much attention. Three years ago I retired to the mountains for a life of biking, hiking and skiing. After a year of living my dream, I was out mountain biking when I felt a slight tweak in my lower back. When the ride was over I got off the bike and could barely walk. That began months of incredible pain and the fear that my retirement dream had come to an end. After seeing a surgeon and a pain specialist I opted for rehab and was pursuing that for about a month when I learned about the McGill method and CIHP. I read the Back Mechanic and thought the McGill philosophy suited me so I had a full McGill evaluation. The care and thorough nature of the evaluation sold me.

In December of 2018, we began a slow and careful rehab program that eventually turned into a training program. In the summer of 2019 I began mountain biking again and this past winter I had 45 days skiing on the mountain before it closed a month early. Oh, almost forgot to mention a 4-day 50-mile back backing trip as well! Because of CIHP and a lot of hard work, I am much stronger than I was before the injury. And my biking and skiing have improved markedly.

At the nadir of my injury I was moving like a 90 year old and looked it. Today at 65 years old, my skiing and biking partners are on average 5-15 years my junior. Working with the CIHP team has been a great experience. I only wish I had known about them sooner.”

-Rich – CIHP Jupiter, FL