Testimonials for Natalie Sidorkewicz

“I’ve hurt my back a few times and have seen some physiotherapists who helped somewhat, but each time I injured myself, I was given a new “diagnosis” or told that it’s impossible to know exactly what’s wrong. When I hurt myself in March, Natalie was able to figure out what was wrong with me just based on an initial interview. She gave me so many helpful tips and tools to get better. I remember having back spasms while being worked on before by physios and them being bewildered why I was crying. Natalie’s bedside manner was incredible. I didn’t feel crazy anymore and she was able to stop the spasms from happening. Natalie is meticulous about my form with my rehab exercises and I know that her attention to detail has been instrumental in my getting better so quickly. I really appreciated the analogies and examples Natalie would use to describe exercises because I finally felt like I “got it.” Right now, Natalie is helping me to return to my former exercise program. I think she might be as excited as I am about my progress and that makes me feel like she cares about me as a person, not just a client/patient.”