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The vision board podcasts EPISODE 156 - Dr Stuart McGill

Our special guest is Dr Stuart McGill. Stuart is a retired professor of spine biomechanics at the University of Waterloo in Canada. His one of the most highly regarded and sought after experts in spine bio mechanics and is a consultant to elite athletes, sports teams, legal experts, corporations and the government.

You will learn plenty from Dr Stuart McGill in episode 156 of The Vision Board Podcast.

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4:21 - we welcome Dr Stu McGill
5:02 - what he's actively doing in his career
5:54 - origins into his back expertise
7:20 - upright walking versus walking on all fours
9:10 - what his ideal field of study is
11:17 - why the MMA fighters are the most versatile style of athlete
13:05 - insights into a recent mma study with Stu
16:45 - BJJ, spinal injuries,
20:56 - an Algorithm for All coaches
23:36 - advice on training with injuries
25:25 - advice on assessing pain with clients
30:40 - identifying pain through visual aids
33:35 - is there a proper universal squat depth?
38:15 - strength training and mobility
39:10 - an NBA player analogy
41:35 - a high level Diver analogy
42:25 - a long distance runner analogy
44:14 - the complexity of our core
48:12 - the 3 elements of Core Stability
52:10 - advice for Being a better Coach
56:09 - insights into his own personal routine

» August 2016 Interview for Strength Matters Podcast.
"Today’s guest is Dr. Stuart McGill, a leading professor of spine biomechanics at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. Dr. McGill has written three books on the back, he runs a laboratory that runs all sorts of tests on spines, and he is NOT a fan of sit-ups or crunches. Today’s Topics Include:

  • What happens to the spine when military personnel carry heavy loads on their backs?
  • Different people have different body types suitable for different activities. A load that creates a beneficial adaptation for one person, can create an injury for another.
  • To avoid injury load the spine in a stacked posture.
  • A better training session might be a body balancing exercise like a suitcase carry or a bottoms up kettlebell carry. With a still in control core.
  • The military creates an iron will
  • and much more...
" https://www.realstrengthmatters.com/smp-103-back-mechanic-step-step-mcgill-method-fix-back-pain/

» Interview with Dr Ryan DeBell, The Movement Fix Jan 2016
"On episode 13 of The Movement Fix Podcast, I am joined by Dr. Stuart McGill. Dr. McGill is a professor of spine biomechanics at the University of Waterloo, he's written several great books including his latest, Back Mechanic, and he travels all over the world to spread his knowledge... Here are some of the topics we discuss:

  • The Jefferson Curl: Can you progressively expose a lumbar spine to loaded or repetitive flexion to improve its resiliency?
  • Is lifting atlas stones safe? What are the considerations one must make when doing that lift?
  • What are Dr. McGill's thoughts on MRIs and other imaging techniques that show damage but the person may not have pain?
  • Gymnasts typically go into repetitive low back extension. How can we manage those athletes and why is a spondylolisthesis sometimes painful and other times not?
  • What unanswered questions does Dr. McGill have about the low back and what is he currently researching?
  • and MUCH more"


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