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Stuart McGill - Euro TV Interview (The intro is in Czech then the interview switches to English)

Dr McGill explains why powerlifters should not do yoga and how to spare your back during sex

BrosDoScience - Become a Back Mechanic with Dr. Stuart McGill

Dr. Stuart McGill on The Barbell Life Podcast with Travis Mash

Is There a Best Low Back Exercise? (

New York Times

The Striking Truth

Waterloo's Dr. Spine


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Scientific Publications (Co)Authored by Dr. McGill

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Audio Interviews

» Professor's McGill's most complete podcast yet. Stu's summary of treating back pain patients, the integration of pain science, and enhancement of performance.

» Dr. Stuart McGill on Back Health and Proper Core Training for Strength Athletes

» August 2016 Interview for Strength Matters Podcast.

» Interview with Joe Heiler of, June 2016

» There is no such thing as "non-specific back pain"

» Dr. Stuart McGill interviewed by Scott Iredella on "How to achieve optimal back health" - Feb. 9th, 2016

» Professor McGill Interview on Health Talk radio with Dr. Brian Grieves

» Interview with master trainer Paul Bielak in Prague, Czech Republic Jan 2016

» Interview with Dr Ryan DeBell, The Movement Fix Jan 2016

» Movement Science Podcast with Dr. Stuart McGill – Episode 1

» Back exercise and performance training. (Right click to "Save Target As")

» Performance Training - Interview for the UK Olympic Program. (Right click to "Save Target As")

» Podcast Interview, June 23, 2013