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Free Articles written by Dr. Stuart McGill

» The Fat Tongue (PDF, 29Kb)

» Kettlebell Carry (PDF, 33Kb)

» Complete Abdominal Raking (PDF, 57Kb)
» Enhancing Back Performance with Super Stiffness (PDF, 25Kb)
» Selecting Back Exercises (PDF, 260Kb)
» Weight Belts (PDF, 54Kb)

» There is no such thing as "non-specific back pain" (PDF, 260Kb)

» My Journey to the Kettlebell

» Strike faster and harder

» The short stop squat

» Why Everyone needs Core Training

» Designing Back Exercise: from Rehabilitation to Enhancing Performance

Scientific Publications (Co)Authored by Dr. McGill

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Audio Interviews

» Back exercise and performance training. (Right click to "Save Target As")

» Performance Training - Interview for the UK Olympic Program. (Right click to "Save Target As")

» Podcast Interview, June 23, 2013












What's New
The Ultimate Back (DVD): Assessment and Therapeutic Exercise (Second Edition)

This second edition DVD illustrates the original techniques documented in Dr. McGill's textbooks. Using real clinic settings and patients, McGill shows some assessment skills to determine specific intolerances and some therapeutic options for different people/approaches. This is followed with the subtle exercise techniques that enable the painful back to engage in the appropriate corrective exercise and then progress to stabilization/mobilization, and endurance training.

New for the second edition is more close-up explanation of provocative testing technique together with mechanisms of pain and pain reduction.

» More

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