Fascinating Fascia, the Knee and the Neck Webinar Series – Anatomy Trains

Fascinating Fascia, the Knee and the Neck Webinar Series

Session 2: Fascinating Fascia 50 years of clinical experience in fascia with Tom Myers and Dr. Stu McGill

Sunday, October 15, 2023 ~ 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT • Sign-Up Here

Join in with two fascial pioneers, discussing their respective discoveries in the fast-evolving world of fascia, gleaned from Tom’s 50-year career in fascial education and manual therapy, and Stu’s decades of academic and clinical revelations that have transformed the field of elite training and rehabilitation.

From Tom: As a clinician, not a researcher, my journey through ‘fascia’ started from hearing about this ‘stuff’ from Ida Rolf in 1973. Decades of study – and a lot more people taking up the flag – has over the decades filled that initial picture to our current understanding of fascia’s role in health, performance, and injury. And at the same time, some myths about fascia have become established ‘fact’, so we will dispel the myths and point to the actuality, which is really quite a dramatic shift in our view of the moving body.

From Stu: My scientific career was a collection of discovery voyages while we measured some of the top athletes together with injured people. I realized that many concepts from my academic training didn’t explain what I was seeing. The concept of muscle agonists/antagonists melted away. Stability requirements within a skeletal linkage demanded a strategic, distributed stiffness to work. While not realizing it at the time, our work was converging on documenting that efficiency, speed, power and resilience came from the body being a composite structure. This is my story of convergence on appreciating fascia and its essential role in human ability.