The importance of the Strength coach in determining whether their client becomes resilient or injured

ASCA podcast

ASCA Podcast #46 – Dr. Stuart McGill, Listen At »

Prof McGill explains adaptation mechanisms and how programming and exercise selection influences success or failure. Features of Assessment are discussed. Thoughts and guidelines are offered pertaining to the influence of anatomical hardware vs mental and cognitive software on enhancing resilience and performance.

1) Dr. McGill’s journey
2) Load, micro-fracturing and denser end-plates of the spine
3) Understanding the forces placed on the spine including compression, shear and torsion
4) The assessment process for back pain
5) After assessment, what does Dr. McGill do with the athlete?
6) The difference between flexion movements and moments
7) De-sensitisation of pain – Hardware v software?
8) Weight belts or weight supports during pain de-sensitisation