StrongFirst Podcast Episode #21

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Dr. Stu McGill joins the show for a second time to talk about breathing and when to use what kind of breathing. Dr. McGill also talks to your host Craig Marker about picking up odd objects, wedging, and getting strong with power breathing.

Show Notes
01:20 – A general history of Dr. McGill’s exposure to the science and history of breathing.

03:20 – Dr. McGill’s work with Dr. Clayton Skaggs and the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team.

05:34 – The baseline mechanics of breathing.

06:15 – The different types of breathing for different activities.

10:00 – Pavel’s technique and breathing.

12:00 – More on power breathing for a pulse of strength.

14:45 – The breathing concerns for people with heart conditions or risk for stroke.

18:20 – How to pressurize the brain to eliminate the possibility of a stroke.

19:20 – Why core strength effects performance in Jiu Jitsu.

22:14 – What is neural density and how to create it.

26:13 – How to use the instruction and mind trick of push the earth away.

29:05 – The neurology of the kettlebell swing.

31:20 – Dr. McGill’s suggestions for picking up oddly shaped objects.

36:25 – What to do about flexion when it comes to rowers.

41:33 – Dr. McGill’s thoughts on squatting and where your feet should be.

49:30 – What is needed for people who sit at the desk all day?

52:30 – Flexibility tunes the body, it doesn’t create more mobility.

53:16 – Why posture matters.

Key Points:

Your breathing when at rest can help indicate your probability for injury in performance.
Discover your weakness and then breathe to look after that.
If you pick up a heavy load you are most injury-resistant with a neutral spine using the hips as a fulcrum.