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StrongFirst Podcast Episode #17 ~ Dr. Stu McGill discusses optimal back health and its importance when strength training.

Show Notes

00:55 — Craig introduces Dr. Stu McGill.

4:46 — Dr. McGill discusses animal models and how the cervical spine of a pig is similar to the human spine.

09:17 — Discussion of Pavel’s core strength measured in the lab.

13:30 — Dr. McGill and Pavel’s collaborations.

14:40 — Optimized lifts and the deadlift.

16:37 — The best time of day to do a deadlift.

23:40 — How you can build more strength in your bones after a fracture.

26:55 — Dr. McGill´s thoughts on yoga.

27:59 — Controlled stiffness´s impact on athleticism.

28:30 — Mobility for mobility sake is a kiss of death.

28:50 — Why we need to know our goals and design our training program.

30:24 — Genetics´ impact on what we are able to do.

37:58 — The power of the kettlebell swing in strength training.

44:22 — Weightlifting belts.

48:22 — Why creating proximal stiffness enhances distal speed.

51:44 — Power breaths make a difference in weight training.

2 Key Points:

When you are designing your training regimen, it helps to know your goals. On a deeper level, it also helps to know what you want to get out of each exercise.
Deadlifts are not for everyone. All exercises are not for everyone. Know your capabilities and physical limitations and design your workout based on you.

Tweetable Quotes

“Proximal stiffness enhances distal speed. – Dr. Stu McGill”
“Every exercise is simply a tool to achieve a goal. We need to know the goal for each exercise. – Dr. Stu McGill”

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