Leading Back Pain Expert Reveals How to Ease Chronic Back Pain – Lifetime Daily Expert Interview

There are countless reasons why adults 55 and over experience low back pain, including disc degeneration, arthritis, injury, muscle weakness and more. In fact, low back pain is one of the most common and poorly understood chronic conditions in older adults. One researcher making major contributions to the field is Dr. Stuart McGill.

Dr. Stuart McGill

Q&A with Dr. Stuart McGill

Dr.-Stuart-McGillDr. Mcgill is one of the world’s leading researchers on spinal mechanics and low back health. In his decades of research, he’s developed three exercises which are famously known as the McGill “Big 3” to relieve, prevent and fix your back pain. We spoke to the respected Canadian professor to better understand what triggers back pain and how older adults can build a stronger and more resilient back.

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