FTCA Podcast #16 – Professor Stu McGill – Legends Series

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Stu McGill. Nothing else to say.

This interview was career fulfilling for me, as professor McGill has served as one of the fathers I never had.

As recommended in this interview, be sure you pick up copies of Professor McGill’s book “Back Mechanic” by the case, and make them available to your patients. All of Professor McGill’s books should be part of your library:

– Low Back Disorders (or as I mis-named “low back pain” in the podcast)
– Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance
– Back Mechanic
– Gift of Injury: The Strength Athlete’s Guide to Recovering From Back Injury and Winning Again

All of Professor McGill’s books and more can be found at: https://www.backfitpro.com

Enjoy our conversation!